Will The Full Moon Party Survive?

Will the greatest party on earth survive? That is the question on everyone’s mind, and my friends, we’re happy to say that from the insiders on the island it seems like the answer is a resounding YES!!!

Full moon party history

So what is the Full Moon Party Exactly? Well historically speaking the full moon party got its start when a group of travelers decided to celebrate the coming full moon by hosting a small party at Paradise Bungalows in 1983.

The locals, seeing the amount of fun the tourist had, respect being shown to Buddhism and well the amount of money they made selling beers, thought this was a nifty idea and they should probably start doing more of these parties and they should probably do them once a month and thus the Full Moon Party was born.

Now religiously speaking the Full Moon is an auspicious day for Buddhist, and seen as a day of religious observance, granted Buddhism isn’t really a religion, it’s more of a philosophy or way of life, but we won’t dig in to all of that in this blog post.

So how/why will the party survive?

  1. Local Livelihood – Well, first of all, it is the main source of income for the entire island of Koh Phangan, businesses and empires have been built on the party and that certainly won’t be going away anytime soon.
  2. There is a HUGE Demand For It – people are still making bookings now even during the pandemic, NYE and Xmas are almost sold out around the island, so people are ready to come back.
  3. It Can Be Safe – Now we realize that having thousands of people on the beach sounds like a bad idea at the moment, but by controlling the numbers of people and ensuring proper hygiene measures are followed the party can definitely be made safe for everyone.
  4. If We Don’t Do It Someone Else Will – If it fails to return to the island you can bet that someone else in Thailand will try and capitalise and take over as the home of the Full Moon Party.

The Full Moon Party still is and will continue to be one of the greatest parties on the planet and everyone on the island of Koh Phangan is dying to welcome each and everyone of you back. As they say “The Show Must Go On” and the consensus around Koh Phangan is that the party must too. 

It’s likely that when it comes back there will be some changes, the COVID crisis has massively impacted day to day life including how we party. With bars opening up on Haad Rin beach and other smaller parties on the island happening on a weekly basis, it’s more than likely that the biggest party in Thailand will indeed return as soon as we can welcome you back to our shores!

don’t forget

Finally, don’t forget that Slumber Party hosts all the biggest pre-parties during the Full Moon week (as well as all the smaller parties during the rest of the month). We also have the best pub crawl and best tours you could ask for! We know we’ll see you once we’re back 😉


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