The Best Places To Go Cycling In Phuket

A beautiful seaside town with long, white sand beaches and a lush, green national park, Phuket has a lot of cycling roads to offer. Here, you can choose your own adventure. Whether you take the flat road for a tour of Phuket’s Old Town or the hilly challenge of cycling through the Phuket’s coastline or the steeper cycling routes around Phuket’s national parks, Sirinat and Khao Phra Thaeo.


Although it can be choked up with traffic during certain hours of the day, a ride through Patong Beach is the most accessible and can be the best location for quick bike rides in the morning that end with coffee and breakfast at one of the cafes in the area. During the early hours of the morning, when the roads are less busy, you can check out the market life in Patong or you can aim to reach Kathu Waterfall by cycling on Route 4020 from Patong. Your morning ride can end with a nice dip and perhaps brunch at one of the restaurants near the falls.


With a long road, roughly 30 kilometres, that is parallel to the beach, you can take a slow, relaxing ride along the beach with refreshing stopovers if you find a patch of sand to your liking. During your trip along Thai Muang Beach, take the time to stop at the turtle sanctuary, the most popular tourist attraction in this neck of the woods. You can also take some spontaneous turns to the small villages in the area.


Flat and safe if you can tolerate a bit of traffic, take a bike ride along the roads of Phuket Old Town as you survey the European-Asian architecture. Take the time to stop at coffee shops and restaurants as well as the tourist attractions of the Old Town like like Pud Jor shrine with its life-like statue of the goddess Guanyin, the On On Hotel, which was made popular by the movie, The Beach, the China Inn with its vintage furniture and stunning lacquer work and fabrics, and the Thai Hua Museum which will tell you the story of Phuket’s past.


Either join a bike tour that will take you from Phuket to the island or take on the journey on your own. This long, scenic bike ride will take you through countryside roads and beach roads. Virtually unchanged by time, the island offers sights of Old Thailand with its small villages surrounded by rice paddies. If you don’t feel like spending a whole day on the saddle, then take the boat to Koh Yao Noi Island and rent a bike there.

ROUTE 4027

Take on Route 4027 to see Phuket’s tourist attractions along the way. Aim for the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project and the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. You can easily pair up your bike ride with a bit of trekking as you explore the last of Phuket’s virgin forests. End it with a bit of a splash under the Bang Pae Falls to cool down before you hit the road again. The road also branches out to smaller roads that lead to small villages and countryside scenes, so you can always make up your own cycling trail.


As Phuket is quite a popular cycling spot for triathletes and cycling enthusiasts, you will find a lot of bike routes on BikeMap to follow. If you are not comfortable with heading out on your own, then booking one of the cycling tours in Phuket could be your best option. It would also be a good chance for you to meet other tourists.


Before you head out your bicycle, make sure you have got yourself the right gear, a bottle of water and a fully charged phone. For longer rides, a battery pack would come in handy.


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