See In Order To Believe: The Five Most Unusual Experiences In Bangkok

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Bangkok. You’ve Heard stories. 5 of the most unusual experiences in Bangkok

So, by now you have ticked off the usual tourist spots one would visit in Bangkok. In that case, let’s move on to the unusual places in Bangkok you probably haven’t seen or even heard of. Or are you aware of a condom-themed restaurant? Or a Death Museum? Chances are you are not, but that’s why we are here.

Let’s count down five of those “outsiders” so that you can recount a truly unique Bangkok tale.

Visit the Death Museum (Siriraj Medical Museum)

Bangkok Death Museum Congdon unusual experiences in bangkok

The original name is actually Siriraj Medical Museum, but Death Museum has more oomph to it, doesn’t it? This museum is for the ones with a morbid curiosity. Diseased babies preserved in formaldehyde, post-mortem pictures of murder victims, mummified corpses of serial killers – all the fun stuff! Divided into six separate museums, the exhibits on display may be eerier and more off-putting than Bangkok’s Ghost Tower.

However, if you have a certain affinity for Horror-related curiosities, then this is your… playground?

  • Price: 200 Baht (and your soul)
  • Opening times: 10 am – 5 pm (closed on Tuesdays)
  • Directions: BTS Skytrain to Sala Daeng station via Silom Line.

Dine in the Dark

unusual experiences in bangkok Dine in the dark bangkok
Dine In The Dark Bangkok’

The concept of dining in darkness comes all the way from Zurich, Switzerland and was then later adapted by others including the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok. It was designed to raise awareness about blindness and gather funds for ‘Foundation for the Blind in Thailand’.

This is an experience that forces you to use all your senses sans your eyesight. That way you step into the shoes of a visually impaired person and enjoy a meal as he/she does every day.

You can then choose between a vegetarian, Western, Asian and a special surprise menu, that comes as a 4-course meal. Indeed, a dining experience like no other.

  • Location: Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel
  • Price: 1450 Baht (only for food)
  • Times: 6:30 pm (Tuesday – Saturday)
  • Directions: BTS Skytrain to Asok Station via Sukhumvit Line

Eat out (heh) at a Condom-themed restaurant

unusual experience bangkok condom restaurant

Cabbages & Condoms may be a restaurant dedicated to contraceptives, but it cums comes with a serious message. Condoms should not be a taboo, according to one of the founders, because they are necessary to prevent things like STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

In the beginning, you may have your fun with the various mannequins covered in rubbers and the adjacent gift shop, but let’s not forget it’s still a restaurant. Their plan was not just about delivering a message, but also about serving legitimately good food.

The menu mostly consists of a variety of Thai dishes and set menus.

Afterwards, you can, of course, take some condoms with you as well.

  • Opening times: 11 am – 10 pm (Daily)
  • Directions: BTS Skytrain to Nana Station via Sukhumvit Line. From Soi 12, take either a Taxi or you can walk (15 minutes).

Relax at Pet Cafés

unusual experiences in bangkok caturday pet cafe

We have already written extensively about this, but pet cafés nevertheless are an unfamiliar experience. Whether it’s about cats, dogs, mermaids or unicorns, the list seems to grow longer with each passing year. The food and beverages are of a decent quality, but it’s the cute presentation you really pay for. And for the company of your hairy and furry friends.

The Caturday Cat Café is one that we recommend to the fans of felines, thanks to the staggering amount of 40 little cutie pies. Then we have the True Love Café for the true lovers of dogs, more specifically Siberian huskies. Pet them, play with them and enjoy the Thai grilled pork, which we can’t recommend enough.

Check out our list (or lists) for more themed cafés!


Explore the Airplane Graveyard

The Bangkok airplane graveyard is ominous but exciting. unusual experiences in bangkok

Graveyards are not supposed to be fun and exciting, but we make an exception when it comes to deserted aircraft. Particularly when it houses the bare remains of an old Boeing 747, which happens to be the center of the Airplane Graveyard in the Ramkhamhaeng district. Yet this place is not completely devoid of life since poverty-stricken families made it their home. They manage to stay afloat with the admission that they charge.

You can climb and explore every part of the planes to your heart’s content. However, do so in a cautious manner, for there are no safety precautions and guards to help you out when something happens.

Read our post for a more detailed account!

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