Unicorn Café Bangkok: The Place Where (Pink) Dreams Come True

Do you believe in miracles? You will at the Unicorn Café Bangkok!

A riot of pink. A parade of plush soft toys to hug and hold. A menu heaped full of sugary delights. The Unicorn Café Bangkok is open and it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Life in the city can be hard sometimes. The traffic, the noise, the heat. Do you ever feel like you just need a break from it all? A chance to take some time out from normal life, relax and enter a magical place where dreams can come true?

Well, Bangkok’s Unicorn Café is the place for you! Located in downtown Bangkok, it offers an escape from reality and an oasis of unicorn loveliness in the middle of the urban jungle. Unlike the cat cafes of Bangkok, the unicorn is pure make believe! Everything from the paint on the walls to the food on the menu is unicorn-themed. It’s become a wildly popular place to head to get that all-important new Instagram shot. So, what’s the deal?

The Unicorn Decor

If we had to choose one word to sum up the Unicorn Café it would be – pink! Step through the door and you’re bathed in it. Look around and you’re absorbed by it! Every little detail has been thought of. The ceilings are painted with unicorn-themed friezes in pastel shades. The comfy sofas are masterpieces of light pink and powder blue. Soft toy unicorns are liberally scattered and glittery pink chandeliers spread a soft glow across the space.

If you want a piece of the unicorn life for yourself then don’t worry! There’s a shop selling Unicorn Café merchandise. Choose your favorite design feature of the café and buy your own version to recreate the magic at home.

The unicorn café is a splitting image of a Lisa Frank coloring book.

The Unicorn Food

You might be forgiven for thinking that a café so focused on its theme might not have put that much effort into its food, but you’d be wrong. The café excels at desserts and cakes of all varieties (all on a pink or rainbow theme, unsurprisingly) and you can grab a delicious slice of Rainbow Crepe Cake for 130 baht or a huge Galaxy Frappe drink to share for only 150 baht.

For a fun snack try the cotton candy at just 100 baht or for something more substantial there’s a burger on the menu for 250 baht. Just don’t be put off when it arrives complete with rainbow-colored sauce in keeping with the theme!

The unicorn café food is all rainbow colored and comes with a horn on each item.

The Photo Op

Admit it- your Instagram NEEDS a shot of you sipping a pink marshmallow milkshake dressed as a unicorn! You can rent onesies in a range of colors from just 100 baht per visit and you have the choice of ‘classics’ like pinks, silvers and whites, or an all-black option for the darker souls amongst us. Dress up, chill out and get the perfect shot.

The unicorn café in Bangkok offers onesie rental for 100 baht.

How To Get There

The Unicorn Café is situated at Soi Sathorn 8 in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok. You can easily grab an Uber or a metered taxi from any point in the city. If you’re using public transport then head to Chong Nonsi BTS station and walk for around 15 minutes. You won’t miss it! Just look for the huge unicorn outside!

Hours of Operation: 12:00pm until 8:00pm, 7 days a week.

Contact Number: 086 397 9262

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