The Five Types Of People You’ll Meet While Traveling In Thailand

One of the joys of traveling is meeting different types of people who can enlighten you with their experiences. Thailand is filled with them, being a country filled with diverse activities that range from full-on parties to wellness retreats. Take a look at the types of people you’ll meet while traveling in Thailand and see if you know someone on the list.


Usually vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or possibly gluten free, the Yoga Fanatic tends to have some form of dietary restriction that may include abstinence from food and drinks when they are dry fasting. Found in areas that suit their dietary needs and yogi activities, they usually end up in places like Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui, which are abound with yoga retreat centres and yoga studios that cater to their yoga style and level (yoga for beginners just don’t do for them), juice bars that serve cold-pressed juices garnished with spirulina, wheatgrass, or maca powder, and restaurants that serve vegan/vegetarian food. Usually radiant in their tank top and Lulu Lemons, most of them usually appear during the day as they have to wake up at daybreak to do their pranayama, kriya, meditation, and morning yoga sequence. So, don’t be discouraged if they say no when you ask them out for drinks. Instead, change your tactics and ask where they do yoga.


The Party Animal knows all the party places in town. They will also know the bartenders and other party animals. As you can score a few free drinks or groovy discounts as well as access the happening places, the Party Animal is the best company on a night out. You might, however, find that they tend to stay in the same area for long periods of time as it is hard to catch a bus or a plane while nursing a hangover. To find the Party Animal, find a spot where they serve brunches that usually include the greasy, hangover cures. You might also be sitting with them on the bus to Wonderfruit or the ferry to the Full Moon Festival dressed to dazzle with a bag filled with beers for the road.


Ranging from socially awkward to overly enthusiastic, the Gap Year Teen can easily be spotted with the wonderment that fills their eyes and the guidebook and Google Maps in their hands. It is, after all, their first time in Thailand. Far from the likes of veteran travels who have been to Thailand and probably have stayed there for long periods of time, the Gap Year Teen can be found in the tourist areas mentioned on guidebooks. You would also find them joining pub crawls and couch surfing meet up to find other travellers that can guide them through their journey. As they will believe everything you say and will look at you in wonder as you recount you’re your epic journeys, they can be fun to hang out with. Just be aware that you might end up being responsible of them if they end up having too much to drink.


The Shopaholic thrives in environments where there are plenty of malls and markets. As they can spend a whole day exploring each floor of the 6-level Platinum Shopping Centre or each area of the Chatuchak Weekend Market, they tend to stay in Bangkok longer than most tourists. They probably know these labyrinths of stalls and stores and like the back of their hand. If you are looking into buying some souvenirs or things to take home, the Shopaholic would know where all the bargains are. Better yet, shopping with the Shopaholic can get you some wholesale bargains.


Armed with their mobile phone, laptop, e-book reader, and headsets, the Digital Nomad tends to occupy cafés, especially those with fast Internet, for long periods of time. If you manage to pry them away from their fast-paced typing, you will get a lot of traveling tips as they have been around for a long time, from social events and restaurant promotions to ways of extending your visa to finding cheaper accommodation. Do invite them for a coffee and ask about their travel secrets, like apps or websites they use to find cheap flights and so on, but do not bring up the topic of starting a website or webhosting or you will be overwhelmed.  


Let us know what you enjoy doing while on vacation. Share your experiences and help fellow travellers plan their trip.

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