Two Weeks in Thailand for: the Photo Enthusiast

An exotic fusion of ethnic villages, ancient ruins, glittering temples, white sand beaches, verdant forests, and spectacular falls, a journey around Thailand means that you will be coming home with a massive portfolio of pictures for your Instagram or Eyem profile. It’s going to be a mission summing up a photographer’s itinerary for two weeks, but here are the must-visit places that we have come up with.


This is where all the journeys around Thailand begin. Make sure to purchase extra storage space as Bangkok itself has many photogenic sites beginning with the unique decorations you will find at Suvarnabhumi Airport, from a statue of McDonald doing a wai to the giant, red-faced Yakshas guarding the airport. Off to the buzzling city of Bangkok and you will find yourself a lot of photogenic finds, from the usual wats recommended by guidebooks and tours to eye-catching stalls in Chatuchak or the Bangkok Flower Market. Enter the many themed cafes and restaurants scattered all over Bangkok, like the Mermaid Café and Cabbages&Condoms, and you will get several likes for your quirky images. Venture into Bangkok’s airplane graveyard where some of the locals have decided to turn cockpits into their homes and here you will find subjects that are out of the ordinary.


Join our tour and take one of those iconic photos of drifting along a floating market.


Off to one of Siam’s ancient capitals, be amazed by the rows of ruins that will surround you upon stepping into the old city. Once a prosperous city before it was razed by the Burmese, Ayutthaya has several nook and crannies for amazing creative shot.


A historical bridge that several Prisoners of War and locals died for, its grim background adds to its picturesque scenery. Around the area, if you have time to spare or the need to explore more, perhaps a trip to the nearby war cemetery and JEATH War Museum would lead to more grim pictures and a bit of history lesson.


If bridges and sad histories are not to your liking, then perhaps a picture of one of Thailand’s most beautiful waterfalls would be much more to your liking. Hike up to the 7th tier of the Erawan Waterfalls and take a shot of each tier along the way. With the way the light reflects on each pool, you can definitely get creative during your journey to the top.


Possibly the biggest ancient city of Siam which was built during its Golden Age, the structures in Sukhothai are meant to stun. Rent a bicycle and make your way around the park, taking a snapshot of the Buddhas and ruins that are scattered all over the park in every angle.


Perhaps contrasting the Buddhist depiction of hell with Dante Alighieri’s inferno can lead to the best photo compilation in Thailand. A destination that is well out of the way of most tourists, this place presents something unique and at the same time disturbing. Check out our guide to know more about this monastery: WANG SAEN SUK MONASTERY: A VISIT TO BUDDHIST HELL.


From Bangkok, hop on a plane to Chiang Mai. With its good mix of wats, ethnic tribes, national parks, and waterfalls, you will be tempted to stay more than a few days here. Two places around Chiang Mai that you should visit are the Black House and White Temple.


Head south to the beaches of Phuket where you can get iconic photos of long tail boats, the popular James Bond Island, and all the karst formations that are scattered all over its blue waters.


To fellow shutterbug travelers, do share a few tips, where have you found your best picture in Thailand?

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