Two Weeks in Indonesia for: The Surf Addict

Known as Indo to surfing aficionados, Indonesia is well-known for its world class waves, from long barreling waves to white water, giving the best experience acroll all levels, whether you are a surfer pro or a kook. With 17,000 islands and so little time, here is a list of the best surfing spots in Indonesia for your two-week vacation.


All journeys around Indonesia usually begins in Bali. If you are comfortable with getting on a scooter and driving on the left side of the road, then you can get one with a board rack on the side, giving you the freedom to explore the area on your own.

Beginners and surfers in need of refreshers or a level up should head to Canggu, Seminyak, and Kuta, where there are loads of surf camps, schools, and shops, like Odysseys Surf School (Kuta), Rip Curl School of Surf (Legian), and Canggu Surf School. For those looking into conquering some beautiful but headstrong waves, make your way to the beaches between Bingin and Padang Padang where you can get to know the Impossibles. You can also check out the iconic waves of Uluwatu. Like spikey hair on super strong gel, the waves here never go flat.


Not far from Bali, Lombok has its own type of waves. The most popular surfing area here Bangko Bangko Beach where surfers take turns taking on the peaks of Desert Point’s left-hand point breaks. The gentle waves of Ekas Bay and Grupuk are perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers, but it is the A-frame break of Belongas and the powerful swells of Mawi and Tanjung A’an that more experienced surfers clamour for.


The lesser known island east of Bali and Lombok is a popular destination for surfers. Most of the waves at the south coasts of Sambawa are suitable for all levels, however, beginners should probably stay clear of Scar Reef.


Another perfect surfing spot for all levels, Panaitan Island on the west side of Java has great waves that are suited for all levels. Take on the waves with an amazing view of a wild tropical forest at One Palm Point. Advanced surfers can take on the Apocalypse and Napalms. Beginners can also head to Central Java, where Pangandaran offers gentler swells fit for learning how to pop up.


Mentawai Islands tend to attract more experienced surfers because of its unrelenting waves. If you are a surfer looking for a few curveballs to challenge you, then Bank Vaults’ tricky waves should keep you on your toes. Before you take on make sure to ask the locals and veterans about the surfing terrain as there are some areas with sharp coral reefs where the size of your wave can save you from getting torn to pieces. For beginners, you can go for the more mellow waves of Nipussi.


With its big mish mash of right and left breaks, the islands of Nias, Hinako, and Simeule provide a lot of opportunities to get to know the sea. If you got used to having someone coach you on how to take the waves, well, this is the best place to spread your wings and learn how to read the waves on your own.


Generally, the best time to go surfing is during the dry season, from April to October, however, there are some areas where the wet season can also bring about some nice waves. These are, however, best for intermediate to advanced surfers.


It’s fun to go surfing with a group and rant about how stoked you are. So, do leave a comment for your fellow surfers.

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