Phuket Awesomeness Adventure



Ready for the ultimate backpacker tour of Phuket?!?

See Phuket from a top the White Buddha, one of the best viewpoints in Phuket. Spend the afternoon at Slip n Fly flying into the pool from the 40m slides, and finish off with dinner at the local markets.

Phuket Awesomeness Adventure

Ready for the ultimate backpacker tour of Phuket?!? First, we check out the Big Buddha, where you can experience one of the best 360 degree views of Phuket. After checking out the views, we stop by and visit the monks and receive a traditional Buddhist blessing.

Next stop, Slip and Fly Phuket!! Get ready for the most fun to be had in Phuket!! When we arrive, we receive a welcome drink to help build the courage before taking the plunge down the 40m slides and flying through the air into the pool below!

After spending the afternoon at Slip and Fly we stop by one of Phuket’s local night market. Here you’ll get to try and sample the authentic local cuisine at local prices and replenish your energy to get ready for the nights event!!


What’s Included:

  • Lunch
  • 1 Beer
  • Drinking Water
  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fee’s
  • Welcome Drink at Slip n’ Fly Phuket
  • Awesome People
  • Great Memories
  • Killer Guide


Phuket Awesomeness Adventure

Start Time:: 12PM Finish Time:: 6PM

1 Bed

1 Meal

Buy a Bed, Give a Meal


Thailand and Indonesian communities whom rely heavily on the tourism industry to make ends meet have been hit hard by the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We will be donating one meal to a family in need for every bed that is booked now.

250 Baht Per Bed – Redeemable in the Future
1 Bed Booked = 1 Meal Donated 

Our goal is 50 meals per day for the next 2 months.

Soon we will all be able to travel again, the beds bought now can be redeemed at any time in the future (excluding New Years & Full Moon Periods). In the meantime, your donations will help someone in need in the present

To give a meal, begin by entering your details: