Krabi Pub Crawl

    Hosted in partnership with Krabi Pub Crawl. We kick the night off at our bar at 8pm!! Here you’ll get your Krabi Pub Crawl Shirt, get your bucket, meet your fellow Pub Crawlers and Rage

    This high energy and high BAC packed night is not one you will soon forget (or remember). We hit at least 4 bars and we hit them hard!

    Krabi’s only Pub Crawl EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY & SUNDAY starting at 8pm

    Whats Included

    • Free Krabi Pub Crawl Shirt
    • 1 Bucket of Your Choice
    • Taxi to the First Bar
    • Free Entrance to Every Bar
    • 1 Free Shot at Every Bar
    • Awesome People

    Possible Side Effects

    • Possible Bad Decicisions
    • Foggy Memories