Top 5 Beaches in Canggu, Bali [updated january 2021]


Top Canggu beaches! We all love a good beach don’t we. Wherever you go in the world and there’s a beach, life just turns a little bit extra joyful. Relaxing to the fullest in a sunbed with a cold coconut or any cold drink for that matter, while staring at the beautiful ocean – not much that can beat that.

I’m guessing you’re picturing yourself right now in swimwear at the beach! There are copious amounts of beaches around Canggu and to make sure your beach experience turns in to the best possible – I will name the Top 5 Beaches in Canggu, Bali you won’t want to miss. 


Old Mans beach

Let’s start off with the most classic beach in Canggu, the bubbly Batu Bolong aka Old Mans beach. If you want a lively beach with loads of different food, drink and surf options – here’s the place. You can literally find everything you think off when planning a beachy vacation, and it’s just infront of Canggus probably oldest restaurant/club Old man’s, check it out here

Old Mans always have different events happening and the food is delicious. On wednesdays they have their international beer pong competition, so make sure you check that out! 

If you’re travelling alone and want to meet some new people and engage in new conversations, this beach is perfect. An incredible atmosphere and warm water – what’s not to love? 
Easy place to take a swim at or just relax. But even though it’s an easy swimming beach, always think about never swimming to far out because there can be some hidden rip currents. 

You can also catch an unreal sunset while enjoying a delightful dinner!

Echo Beach


Another awesome beach with a breathtaking sunset is called Echo Beach. Probably the number one beach in Canggu or even on Bali Island, to enjoy a cold Bintang while watching the sun go down. The beautiful wooden built restaurant called La Brisa offers a high up seat and some amazing food. 

The beach is filled up with black sand, so make sure you bring a towel or some money to rent a sunbed (about 3 USD) as the sand gets blistering hot. 

This beach also offers a variety of food, drink and surf options. If you feel like being around some people, this is a big recommendation. I’d suggest you time this in so you really can enjoy the sunset. 

I would not recommend this beach for swimming since, the currents can be super strong and the bottom floor is a mix between reef and sand. If you do feel like swimming, move a little bit further down the beach and you get only sand bottom.  

Berawa Beach 

If you’re looking for a bit more relaxed beach – Berawa is definetely in the category of top Canggu beaches you should visit. Here you can watch surfers doing their thing in the water while taking it super easy. Take a sunbed or a beanbag and enjoy!

There’s quite a few dogs running around so if your a dog lover, that’s perfect! It does not offer any food options right on the beach but drinks are available. If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat, the restaurant/club Finns is right in front off your feet. 

At Finns there’s always different events going on with famous artists getting flown in to perform. 

Batu Belig Beach

By heading 5-10 minutes away from the vibrant “central” Canggu places, Batu Beligoffers a much more peaceful environment. It’s a beautiful long beach with brown sand.

There’s a couple of local Warungs (Mainly local indonesian food) where you alone or you and your friends can fully relax. The food is a bit cheaper around here as well. 

It’s a perfect beach to plug in your headphones, read a book or go for a long quality walk and just embrace Indonesia’s beautiful scenery! It’s safe to leave your belongings with the staff of whatever place you choose to sit down at. 

Batu Belig also offers a good sunset! The current in the water could sometimes be a bit strong so make sure you take it a bit easy while swimming. 

Nelayan Beach


Last but not least we have Nelayan Beach. The quietest beaches of all listed above. Bring a book and just fall back and enjoy the Bali beach life. It offers a piece of stillness and if you had a stressfull week or just feel like getting in your own world, head here. 

Nelayan is really good for swimming as the currents typically aren’t that strong. It offers a few local Warungs and a killer sunset! 

Depending on your mode, these beaches should give you enough variety to switch between. If you’re feeling like taking part of a vibrant beach or a relaxed one – Canggu offers something that suits everyone! 

Adventuring around Canggu exploring the Bali beach life and want to take that adventure to the next level? Why not try surfing? There is no better place to go to catch some waves. Whether it is your first time paddling out or a Pro we got the inside scoop on the Best Surf Spots in and Around Canggu, Bali.

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