Flower Power! The “Too Good For You” Café in Bangkok

Flower Power! The “Too Good For You” Café in Bangkok

If you plan on opening a café in Bangkok, you need to have a concept that differentiates you from all the others. Because, dear God, those guys, and gals seriously have a penchant for quirky, colorful and straight up bizarre things. Don’t believe us? How rude. We have written a whole bunch of posts about the funky bunch, as we lovingly like to call them.

The latest addition to this eclectic group is Too Good For You in Bangkok’s Sathorn district, which opened this year in April.

cafe in bangkok flower decor good for you

The uniqueness of the café lies in a decor and menu that is from top to bottom dominated by flowers. Unsurprisingly, the target audience is young females who “embrace their femininity” according to owner Shogun Sakulchai. He goes on by saying that “you don’t need to be sad or beg to make up with anyone. You’re Too Good For Them. You’re a strong woman. Embrace it!

drinks at too good for you cafe in bangkok

There you go, ladies! This one’s for you… and for all the boyfriends who get dragged into it. Don’t worry, they have simple coffee here as well. Even a peanut butter coffee frappe. #guilteeeeey

♫ Underneath The Purple Rain ♫

When we said that flowers were the dominant feature of Too Good For You, we weren’t exaggerating. The entire interior decoration is a garden of mostly fake flowers, leaves, and willows. The walls are kept in purple and pink tones with some neon-lights to give the place a fairytale-like atmosphere. The colors are more subtle and pleasant to the eye as opposed to the ones in the Mermaid Café.

drinks at too good for you cafe in bangkok

The real standouts, though, are the flowery drinks, like the Oceanic Blue. This butterfly pea latte is mixed with layers of coconut and dragon fruit, topped with homemade cream cheese and sprinkled with edible flower petals. Our personal favorite, however, is the Violatte, despite the slightly unfortunate name. This purple goodness whips up the same cream cheese but comes with a nice layer of purple potato latte. The companion piece to it is a croissant that has a purple potato mousse as the filling. Now, that is a treat you won’t find anywhere so easily. Or maybe you do; it’s Bangkok we are talking about here.

Other concoctions on the menu include the Matchalicious, the Sakura Breeze, and a Smoked Marron Latte. The prices are all in the 150 Baht range, which is, like, three Pad Thais.

neon instagram sign at too good for you cafe in bangkok

While the taste is good, you really pay for the elaborate presentation here. And this only means one thing: It’s worthy of the Instagram. There is also a wall where flowers and leaves encircle a neon-light sign with the name of the café, which is the designated spot for taking pictures.

viollate too good for you cafe in bangkok

Besides the croissant, there are not a lot of other snacks to choose from. We think it’s better to come for the drinks and the ambiance and stay for the same reasons.

How To Find This Purple Palace

Too Good For You is still sort of a secret spot. Not only because it’s new but also because it’s rather difficult to find. First off, you have to take the Skytrain (BTS Silom Line) to Chong Nonsi station. From there you make your way to a closed lalamove delivery service office and walk into a small side street to the right of the building. There you can find an entrance, which leads to an elevator that brings you up to the 8th floor. Then you walk up one more floor and you are there!

♫ Don’t cha wish your café was hot like me? ♫

Owner Shogun has big plans for his TGFY brand. In the future, he wants to create a whole chain of cafés, with his eyes set on the more frequented area of Siam. His concept is unique and well executed enough to stand out, so let’s see where his baby will be in a year.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you already had a chance to grab a dose of those flower petals. Show off some pictures of your finest poses with the neon sign in the background! But please no duckfaces. That’s, like, so 2012.

General Information

Address: 78 North, S Sathorn Rd, Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120

Opening times: 9 am – 6 pm (daily)

Best movie to watch afterward: Clueless

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