The Tiger Cave Temple Tour: 1,237 Steps to Greatness

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Krabi’s Tiger Cave Temple Reaches the Heavens

Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave Temple)

Reaching the summit of Wat Tham Sua takes you up a hefty 1,237 steps but it’s totally worth it. The Tiger Cave Temple is a sacred Buddhist site well known for its tall Buddha statues, tiger paw prints and a perfect 360° view of Krabi. For the entire hike, you’re surrounded by trees that are hundreds of years old. Once you’re up top, you have a perfect view of the valley, rain forest and Andaman Sea. The Tiger Cave Temple is part of our Jungle Awesomeness Tour, book your ticket today!

Note: ???? Golden Buddha header photo by Robert Kolsek

Tiger Cave Temple Geography

The Tiger Cave Temple is located in the centre of the Kiriwong Valley, known for its tropical rain forest and winding caves. In fact, there are many sacred caves that aren’t available to the public as well. The Buddhist monks of the area have lived in the maze-like complex of caves for decades. It’s by far one of Thailand’s most scenic tourist destinations. If spelunking is up your alley, take some time to explore the Tum Khon Tan, Tum Luk, Tum Chang Kaeo and Tum Lod caves. Countless artifacts have been discovered in these famous caves. This includes human skeletons, decorated skulls, stone tools , pottery and Buddhist relics.

Viewpoint from Krabi Town's Tiger Cave Temple
???? Credit: WikiMedia user Kallerna (No Modifications)

History of Wat Tham Sua

The Tiger Cave Temple is the home of the Vipassana monks. Their beliefs are based on some of the earliest known Buddhist texts. Jumnean Seelasettho, a Vipassa monk went on a meditation journey in the nearby caves. Here, he discovered tigers roaming the caves and this spot later became the Tiger Cave Temple. Other local legends claim that a gigantic tiger over 5 times the normal size lived there. We’re not sure what to believe, but it’s pretty epic regardless. The summit viewpoint stretches out miles upon miles. In fact, the temple itself is so high up that it’s visible from most areas of Krabi.

Preparing for the 1,237 Step Hike

Make sure to wear proper shoes and bring plenty of water before making the hike. Going up 1,237 steps isn’t for the feint of heart, even if you’re in shape. Many people turn back at the halfway point, don’t be that person! The view is absolutely worth it and all your friends back home will wonder in awe at your Instagram photos. Don’t believe us? Check out our desktop wallpapers showcasing the view from the summit!

Fun Fact: Wat Tham Sua is native to monkeys. Lots of monkeys! They usually hang out at the top of the temple, but sometimes you’ll be joined on your hike.

Visit the Tiger Cave Temple at Sunset on Our Jungle Awesomeness Tour

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