The Thong Sala Night Market

Saturday Night Fever: The Thong Sala Night Market in Koh Phangan

Are you ready to go on a shopping spree and give in to all of your cravings? The Saturday Night Market in Thong Sala is the place to be. #omnomnom

Night markets – you either love ‘em or you love ‘em even more. Thus, it should come to you as no surprise that Koh Phangan has plenty of them all across the island. For this post, we will focus solely on Saturday’s Thong Sala Night Market, also known as the Chinese Walking Street (Talad Kao Market). During the market hours (5 pm – 10 pm) this street is closed to traffic starting from the Thong Sala police station, all the way down to the end of the Chinese Walking Street. This allows the street hawkers and dogged salesman to open up their stalls for business. Don’t mistake the walking street for the Pantip Market, though, which is a daily one and also located in Thong Sala.

Without any further chitter-chatter, we will lead the way into Thong Sala’s Night Market.

First, We Feast

We know what you are here for, so let’s get it right out of the gate – local delicacies, snacks, desserts, curries, and maybe even a slice of pizza. And why don’t you try out some crispy spiders, scorpions, and ants?

The whole walking street is lined up with enough food stands and juice bars to satisfy your hunger for the exotic. The portions are a little smaller than elsewhere, but the prices are accordingly lower as well. This allows you to sample your way from one culinary specialty to the next without breaking your bank too much. There is a vast selection of curries ranging from massaman to “burn-a-hole-through-my-mouth” curry for only 50 Baht including a generous portion of rice.

It also wouldn’t be a Chinese Walking Street without some sweet & sour stir-fried noodles. One of our favorite dishes is the roasted chicken or pork, which you can combine with a spiral potato on a stick. This is a meal that should satisfy you for a while. It doesn’t? Well, okay, you food monster. Then how about a snack on the go like a chicken satay or pork meatball skewer?

Sweet Stuff For The Cookie Monster In You

Let’s move on to the caries-inducing sweet things! We know you have been staring at the oh-so-sweet banana pancakes the whole time. Perhaps you even walked by the stand that offers brownies and doughnuts in all colors and sizes. The amount of desserts you can find on this Walking Street is devilish. So, let’s go all in and order coconut ice cream, coconut waffles, and pancakes! “What is it, kind sir? If I want to have mango with sticky rice? Well, most certainly, old chap!

thailand night market pancake

Your body sure as hell won’t be a temple for a while.

Shopping on the Walking Street

Bargaining for clothes in one of Thailand’s many street markets is never expensive, but in Thong Sala it’s even cheaper. This is because many of the things sold here are second-hand, so it has more of a flea market vibe to it. And just like any other market of this kind, you never know what you are going to find or get. Clothes, shoes, souvenirs, handicrafts and even homemade health products – the selection is truly astounding. The latter is obviously not second-hand. That would be gross.

How to Get There

It’s difficult to miss the Chinese Walking Street once you arrive in Thong Sala since it’s right next to the main road. The noise and live music should guide you straight to it. It takes about 30 minutes from Haad Rin to Thong Sala and not more than 10 minutes from Slumber Party Koh Phangan (Ban Tai Area)

If you happen to be on Koh Phangan on a Saturday, then there is no excuse not to go there. The food is amazing, the variety of dishes should satisfy everyone and it has a unique flea market for the avid treasure hunter. A cold beverage such as a fresh fruit juice, a smoothie or a classic brewski should round off a successful Saturday nightlife.


Thong Sala Saturday Night Market

Every Saturday Between 5-10pm

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