The Most Haunted Places In Thailand

Despite its modernity and the thousands of tourists that visit this country every year, the people in Thailand respect their superstitions, especially the supernatural. Take a tour of the most haunted places in Thailand by reading about the places on our list below. Now you know where you should not be when nightfall comes.


Constructed over a former graveyard, locals believe that the spirits of the dead now wander around the Suvarnabhumi Airport. In fact, just after it’s opening, almost a hundred monks were asked to perform an exorcism ritual to rid the airport of its ghost infestation. Up to now, however, ghostly sightings and unexplained technical glitches still occur. Remember this the next time you have to stay at the airport overnight.


In the city of Chiang Mai, this baroque mansion remains vacant as local stories say that the unlucky plot of land caused its owner to go insane and massacre his family.


A location where war atrocities killed laborers and prisoners of war during the building of the Death Railway, it is no wonder that it is one of Thailand’s most haunted spots.


A small island in Satun Province, several tourists go on day trips to visit this cursed island according to Thai folklore. It is said that the island was cursed by the God of Tarutao and anyone who takes a pebble from the beach will be taking home some bad juju. It’s been said that several tourists who did not believe in the curse have returned their pebbles to the National Park Office by mail.


Located in the Pathum Thani Province of Thailand, the Thai Lemon Foods Factory became marked as a haunted destination when it’s CCTV caught an apparition of a floating head and gut that the Thai’s identify as the spirit of Krasue.


According to the locals, a group of 7 teenagers entered this deserted house Thawi Watthanha District in Bangkok and after they left the vicinity, each of them started dying in tragic circumstances, like motorbike accidents and house fires. As of 2017, only two of the teenagers remain alive. According to a medium, they are being chased by the vengeful spirit that haunted this house. 


An ancient city that was pillaged and burned to the ground by the Burmese, it is not a surprising that the spirits of its unfortunate residents would continue haunting the area. One of them was spotted by a Thai prince who said he saw the headless Pu Som Fao Sap guarding his treasure at Wat Kudi Dao.


When the beautiful seaside town of Khao Lak in Phang Nga Province was hit by a giant tsunami on the 26th of December 2004, more than 4,000 people were killed. Although the years have buried the destruction caused by this calamity, the spirits of its victims continue to inhabit its local hotels and resorts.


A small island near the popular local summer vacation spot of Ko Si Chang, Koh Kham Noi serves as an international graveyard and is known to the locals as Ghost Island. Teenagers who come to this island to do a bit of ghost hunting tend to find what they are looking for and end up coming home with stories of creepy sounds and apparitions of a dead Muslim.


An island inhabited by the Chao-Le, the Gypsies of the Andaman Sea, it is said that the island is filled with spirits that the residents call the ha-too. To this day, tourists who come here claim that they tend to feel uneasy whenever they set foot on this island. If you ever find yourself visiting Koh Lipe, make sure to prepare some cupcakes and strawberry Fanta to appease the spirits.


Have you ever gone through anything unusual during your stay in Thailand? Do let us know about it by commenting below.

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