With the mountains, beaches, and islands that Krabi has to offer, hiking around town is the best way to see the sights. From wildlife sanctuaries to amazing viewpoints, each destination is worth the climb. Whether you just want to see a good view or you are an extreme hiker looking for your next peak to conquer, Krabi has something for you. Read on for some of the best hikes in Krabi.



The sanctuary offers a lot of sights. First, you have the possible sighting of the Gurney’s Pitta, a rare bird species that reside in this lowland rainforest. And to chill, there’s always the blue and emerald hot pools at the end of the 2.7-kilometer trek. A few meters from the emerald pool are natural hot tub jacuzzis covered by the shade of canopies. It’s said that these hot springs have healing properties and will wash away the aches and pains from your long trek.



Even if it is not a natural trail, the climb up 1,237 steps can still be quite a hike. Lined with trees from the rainforest that surrounds the temple, you’ll be welcomed by the macaques that live there. Upon reaching the top, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of Krabi Town, the surrounding rainforest, and the Andaman coast. You’ll also catch a peek at the limestone karsts that surround the area. As a bonus, you get to explore an unusual temple built in a cave that was once the home of a tiger.



With well-marked trails, this is the perfect hike for a solo adventurer with very little navigation skills. A daunting 3.7 kilometers to the top, it will be a challenging climb up. It will, however, be rewarded with the feeling of achievement, the spectacular views of Krabi’s beaches and the valley down below, and a nice selfie on the big rock perched on the edge. And, if you don’t make it to the top, the consolation prizes are the giant monitor lizards and squirrels at the entrance and the waterfalls and viewpoints on the way to the peak. You won’t leave the Dragon Crest Trail without a good picture.



The highest national park in Krabi at 1,350 meters above sea level, climbing this beast is a feat for the hardcore hiker. With two routes to the peak, both are more of a camping expedition rather than a day trip. Starting your climb from the park office will take you around 4 days and 3 nights, while beginning your climb from the Bang San Operational Base will shorten your climb to 3 days and 2 nights. You will, however, need to hire a car to take you there. If you have the time to do this, it’s a worthwhile effort. If you are not up for such a big commitment, just take a hike around the park or up Nam Tok Huay To Falls, the park’s pride which features 11 tiers at a height of 70 meters.


We have compiled the best hiking routes around Krabi, but there are still some paths worth discovering. In fact, there is a long list on Wikiloc from fellow travelers. If you have found a new hiking trail worth doing, please let us know by commenting below. Do let us know how long it took you to get through this climb and how challenging it would be just to give our readers a heads up.


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