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Over the past few years, Bali has become one of the biggest Digital Nomad hubs in the world, with thousands heading to this island of stunning scenery, friendly locals and cheap living. Remote workers and those fulfilling the location-independent lifestyle want an interesting co-working environment with a combination of interesting culture, tasty, fresh food and of course great WiFi. It’s just a bonus if the destination has some epic beaches too! Thankfully, Bali hits all these spots and more and as such has become a nomad favorite.

Now, while Bali has many amazing cafés and hotels with strong WiFi connection, sometimes you need somewhere a little more focused to sit down and really get shit done! This is where co-working spaces step in, creating little hubs of magic where you can crack the whip and work before sharing a coffee or a beer among new friends.

Here we round up a selection of the best co-working spaces in Bali so read on to find out where could be your new Digital Nomad den or productive palace…


Ahh Hubud, the original and perhaps the best! This awesome co-working space in Ubud is full of community spirit that really helps to get your creative juices flowing. The bamboo building is flooded with natural light and air makes Hubud a co-working dream. Not only is the setup perfect for getting work done (with serene views of rice paddies for when your eyes wander from the screen!) but it’s also an extremely social place with lively events held throughout the week. These events are sure to fill your social calendar and you never know you might just meet your new business bestie!


Now the allure of Dojo as a co-working spot really depends if you have the willpower to actually do some work when you have a swimming pool on your doorstep… Situated in Canggu, Dojo attracts a cool crowd who come here to smash their #businessgoals before freshening up in the pool and perhaps going for a surf after. If this sounds like you, you can’t beat the atmosphere here at Dojo. With sound-proofed Skype rooms, skill-sharing sessions and networking meet-ups, Dojo ensures it’s not all play but makes the work part a hell of a lot more fun.


As the self-proclaimed “co-working space Google would create if they opened in Bali”, you know you’ve got to be on to a good thing and with everything they have on offer you’ve got to have pretty high standards if you’re still disappointed! Outpost Bali is one (well, two now actually) of the coolest co-working and co-living spaces on the island. With a variety of indoor and outdoor seating (and standing desks if you’re that way inclined), plus chill-out gardens, beanbags, swimming pools and an on-site masseur, Outpost really does have it all!

Lineup Hub

Lineup Hub has less of the bells and whistles than some of the other co-working spaces in Bali but it is a really great place to work through your goals, meet other entrepreneurs and feel fully accomplished before heading out to explore the island or surrounding beaches. The vibe here is slightly more business-like but there are still break-out spaces and a kitchen/café where you can interact with other DNs. Another bonus of Lineup Hub is that they feature a number of PCs which is ideal for those who need to work but aren’t part of the Macbook-toting, laptop warrior lifestyle.

Finns Recreation Club

Finns Recreation Club offers somewhat of a complete lifestyle overhaul for those that are seeking everything they need in one place. A “Country Club meets Co-working Hub” vibe, Finns provides Digital Nomads with all the business necessities and then some (strong WiFi, a business centre and even a library). Alongside all this Finns has a sprawling leisure complex comprising of a restaurant and coffee shop, kids’ club, water park and bowling alley not to mention all of the fitness classes and facilities to keep you happy and healthy for a lifetime!

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