The Most Beautiful Beaches in Lombok

As an island, you’d expect Lombok in Indonesia to have some pretty good beaches, and thankfully, it really lives up to expectation. From pink-hued bays to epic surf spots, you’re sure to find a beach that takes your fancy. Plus, Lombok Island hasn’t quite reached the same tourism numbers as Bali (Yet! Shhh, don’t tell anyone!), so it’s likely that you can find some incredible beaches in Lombok to while away your days.

After hiking up Mt. Rinjani or exploring the rambling scenery by moped, there’s nothing that will hit the spot better than a bit of beach time. Kick back and relax, sip a few cocktails and end your Asian adventure in style!

Tanjung Aan

At Tanjung Aan you get two for the price of one with double bays sweeping along either side of the peninsula. This beach offers everything you’d expect to see on a postcard:  fine white sands, turquoise waters and small beach shacks selling fresh coconuts – heaven! Tanjung Aan also has a small headland covered in palm trees and verdant vegetation that you can climb to witness the gorgeous view from above.

Batu Payung

If you’re looking for something a little different to the classic Caribbean-style beach of Tanjung Aan (although still with inviting blue water), you might like the dramatic landscapes of Batu Payung. This beach is located just around the cove from Tanjung Aan and features huge rock formations that protrude out of the sea making for great photo ops throughout the day. Some say the rocks represent a face while others think it looks more like an umbrella – you’ll have to see for yourself to decide!

Pink Beach

As the name suggests, this beach (or beaches in actual fact) have rosy-hued sand that has been created by white sand and crushed red coral mixing together over the years. The vibrancy of the pink colour changes throughout the day depending on the light but will be beautiful no matter when you visit! The journey to the pink beaches (aka Tangsi Beach or Pantai Pink) is somewhat treacherous, with bumpy roads galore, but this makes the serenity of the quiet pink beaches all the more stunning. Stop off at the Tanjung Ringgit viewpoint or climb the nearby headland for the best views of the bay.

Senggigi Beach

Aside from Kuta, Senggigi is one of the main hubs on the island and is your first point of contact if you arrive from the Gili Islands. While the beaches here are not quite as pristine as on the Gilis, they are full of life, with beach bars, friendly souvenir vendors and bustling restaurants ready to welcome you in. Spend your days roaming from beach to beach before settling in to a spot for an awesome sunset with your feet in the sand.

Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach is another spectacular spot. This horseshoe-shaped beach offers amazing views, soft sands and a mix of calm waters and surf throughout the day making it perfect for swimming, snorkelling and surfing. Mawun and Kuta are some of the best locations for surfers on the island (although Mangsit Beach near Senggigi is better for beginners) so grab your board and enjoy the ride!

Kuta Beach

Finally, if you want a bit of everything all in one place, head to Kuta Beach. Known for its famous surf, this beach certainly draws the crowds, but with a great range of accommodation, stylish beach bars, delicious restaurants, and coral reefs, Kuta really does have it all. The water here is crystal-clear making it ideal for snorkeling and even if you don’t fancy climbing on a surf board, watching the surfers is fun all the same!

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