Do Go Chasing Waterfalls: Thailand’s Top 10 Waterfalls

Thailand’s Top 10 Waterfalls

Top 10 Waterfalls of Thailand for those who are looking for an escape from the heat, a change of scenery, or a cool dip after a night out. Let’s face it. Finding a truly spectacular cascade among a list of waterfalls in a guidebook where nothing sucks can be tough. This article lines up Thailand’s best waterfalls, separating nature’s strongest pissers from the weak.


soi suwan top 10 waterfalls in thailand

Location: Pho Klang, Khong Chiam District, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Imagine taking a dip in a mini pool underneath a 20-meter high waterfall. Called Soi Sawan because of the two segments that join in the end, forming the shape of a necklace, the waterfall is surrounded by tiny pools, some with jet streams creating a natural jacuzzi.


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Location: Na Chaluai District, Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand

Feeling a bit reluctant to leave the beach? Then, take a trip to this waterfall in Thailand’s Ubon Ratchathani Province which is part beach, part waterfall. With its 45-meter cascade and emerald pool bordered with a golden sandy beach, this wonder is a looker that you should not miss.


Location: Chong Khaep, Phop Phra District, Tak, Thailand

This spectacular 97-tiered waterfall in Thailand can be the perfect background for your next selfie if you can time it right. As it is not difficult to find and easy to access, thanks to the well-placed signs on the road and the efficiently designed walkway to the viewpoint, this waterfall gets a lot of visitors, who will unwittingly photobomb each shot you take.


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Location: Khao Yai National Park. Hin Tung, Thailand

Its beauty got it a role in the movie, The Beach, so this waterfall just two hours away from Bangkok is worth a visit. Easily accessible from the Khao Yai National Park entrance, this 15-meter waterfall in Thailand actually looks better during the dry season as the cascade splits into two parallel segments that look like two silver feathers extending from a limestone stream. It also features a cave-like alcove behind the falls.


Location: Pha Taem National Park. Huai Phai, Khong Chiam, Ubon Ratcha Thani, Thailand

Called Saeng Chan, meaning moonlight in Thai, it is unlike other waterfalls in Thailand because it flows through a hole instead of spilling over rocks, resembling a moonbeam. It becomes even more magical at around 11 when rays of sunshine enter the hole, enhancing the cascading water. So, I guess it’s more like a sunbeam but whoever named it thought that moonlight sounded more magical and romantic.


Location: Khlong Lan National Park, Khlong Lan District, Kamphaeng Phet Province, Thailand

Easily accessible, which means it requires less trekking, the 100-meter tall waterfall, framed by the trees that grow around it, cascades into a misty plunge pool. The walkway that allows you to view the waterfall up close is well-designed and is lined with trees wrapped in colorful fabrics, adding to the spiritual ambiance of the location. And, if you feel like going for a two-hour walk, you will find a viewpoint that gives you a picturesque view of Khlong Lan Waterfall, framed by the forest that surrounds it with a mountain for a background.


Location: Erawan National Park, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

This 7-tiered waterfall, which was named after Erawan, a Hindu god with three elephant heads, as the cascading water from the top tier can create the shape of three trunks, has the title of being the biggest and the most beautiful waterfall in Kanchanaburi.

All the hype is well-deserved as each tier features colorful pools and rounded rock formations that make it seem like you are entering a new world as you reach each level. However, getting to the top requires a bit of endurance and patience as a considerable amount of trekking is involved in reaching the top tier of Erawan Falls.

Getting to the first two levels is quite easy and the second layer, being one of the most scenic would be a good place to stay and chill if you are happy to share the space with the other tourists. The climb up, although arduous with its steep trails and rickety bridges, takes you further from the bustling crowd, promising quieter, blue-green pools, a water-slide, and a three-headed elephant.

If you would like even more information about Erawan Falls, read more about it our Exploring Kanchanaburi article!


Top Ten Waterfalls in Thailand Namtok Ton Nga Chang
Location: Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary. Thung Tam Sao, Hat Yai District, Songkhla, Thailand

Just 26 kilometers from the city of Hat Yai, this 7-tiered waterfall is said to be the most beautiful in southern Thailand. Just like Erawan Waterfall, Nam Tok Ton Nha Chang provides you with a bit of adventure as you follow a trail to the top. For this waterfall, however, you only need to get to the third level to see the feature that gives it its name which means, Elephant Tusk Falls.



Location: Doi Ithanon National Park, Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Towering other waterfalls in Northern Thailand with a height of 260 meters and a girth of 100 meters, the Mae Ya Waterfall in Doi Ithanon National Park is a photographer’s favorite with its unique triangular shape and multiple steps that give it a lot of texture. As it is 600 meters and easily walkable from the entrance, it gets very crowded and getting a clear shot can be a challenge so you might need to be an early riser to get that picture perfect shot or selfie.



Location: Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Tak Province, Thailand

Beating the height of Mae Ya Waterfall, this magnificent giant is around 300 to 400 meters high. Split into several segments, it would require a bit of expertise to take a picture of this giant wonder. Its unique arrangement of scattered cascades and aquamarine fairy pool make it worth the 40-minute walk from the sanctuary entrance. Be warned, however, that despite the long walk, this waterfall is recognized as the tallest in Thailand and is quite popular with the locals, so do not expect it to be a quiet visit.


…and remember

As you go chasing waterfalls across Thailand, remember that the journey is just as good as the destination. Enjoy every step during your trek to the falls and keep an eye out for other interesting sights and let us know if you see anything new. Feel free to share your pictures and experiences with us.


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