Thailand Wallpapers (Desktop and Mobile) by Slumber Party Hostels

Thailand Wallpapers by Slumber Party Hostels

Keep your eyes on the prize with our HD Thailand wallpapers. If you’re currently on your southeast Asia backpacking trip, it’s a great way to live in the moment. For those that are already back home, then use it as a motivator! It’s been a long-standing tradition to visualize your goals. Some of the highest achievers in human history have used visualization to push themselves forward. And if your goal is an epic adventure in Thailand, using one of our 3 mobile wallpapers is a great way to keep it in your mind at all times.

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.” –Michael Jordan

Thailand Desktop Wallpapers (Click for Full 1920 x 1080 Image)

Koh Phangan, Thailand Wallpaper - Slumber Party Hostels
Join us poolside at our Koh Phangan hostel for the Full Moon Party!

Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi, Thailand Wallpaper

Thailand’s famous Tiger Cave Temple is about 3km away from Krabi Town and it’s the most satisfying stop on our Jungle Awesomeness Tour. Bring some water because it’s quite the trek! Once you’ve conquered the 1,272 limestone steps of this ancient Buddhist temple, you’re rewarded with a 360° view of Krabi’s lush countryside and the Andaman Sea. The view during the climb is no slouch either. You’ll be surrounded by mountains on all sides, caves and trees that are hundreds of years old. The Khiriwong Valley isn’t something the average tourist (or backpacker) in Thailand gets to experience.

If you’re a fan of badass architecture, you’re in luck. The Tiger Cave Temple, known as Wat Tham Sua to locals, is one of the most complex temple designs in all of Thailand. The main draw of the temple is the “footprint of the Buddha”, a sight that Buddhist monks from all around the country travel to experience. Wat Tham Sua practice Vipassana, which is based on the teachings of some of the earliest Buddhist texts. The monks of the temple live in a literal maze of natural caves within the overgrown jungle valley. It’s a very unique place to visit that remains unrivaled even among the countless number of Buddhist temples in Asia.

Thailand Mobile Wallpapers (Click for Full 1080 x 1920 Image)

Slumber Party Hostels Thailand Wallpaper - Shotgunning BeersChicken Island, Krabi, Thailand wallpaper mobile

Stay tuned for more Thailand wallpapers from our other tours!

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