Pack for Thailand: 7 Secret Things No One Told You To Bring

The Thailand Packing List You Never Knew You Needed

There are over 1.7 million results on Google for “Thailand packing list”. You know everyone wants to tell you exactly what you need when you come to Thailand. Today we’re going to go over seven things most people leave out!

Stuff your luggage with our underrated Thailand packing tips.

Secret Thailand Packing List Item #1: A Power Strip

Everyone knows to pack a universal wall adapter when they go travelling to Thailand or Asia. A power strip with many outlets will save you a huge headache in most places. Most hostels will provide a single outlet to charge your devices. If you’re like me and have two cameras, a drone, a laptop, a phone, a smartwatch, a portable battery and an iPod then you may have already thought about this one! Even if you aren’t like me, some hostels don’t provide a plug to every bed. Having a power strip in your backpack will make you a bunch of new friends.

Secret Thailand Packing List Item #2: Carabiners

The biggest struggle we have as backpackers is trying to fit everything in our backpacks. With carabiners you can hang bulky items like a water bottle, shoes or even a bag of dirty laundry off the side of your bag. This will make more room for the important stuff. Bonus tip: in a pinch you can slide a carabiner between two belt loops to function as a belt!

Secret Thailand Packing List Item #3: Buff

A buff or similar piece of headwear is a necessity in Thailand and Southeast Asia. With so many different uses it should be on every packing list and in every backpack worldwide. It functions as a headband, hat, scarf, face mask, eye mask (for sleeping), bandage cover (when you fall off a scooter) and much, much, more. If the fact that I had 4 separate buffs on my packing list isn’t enough proof, go pick one up for yourself!

Secret Thailand Packing List Item #4: Reusable Grocery Bag

Aside from the obvious reason of taking it with you to shop! A reusable grocery bag functions well as a laundry bag, beach bag and any other situation where you don’t need a backpack. It takes up no extra space in your backpack and you will use it every couple of days. Just be sure to dispose of your plastic bags properly! Being an ethical tourist should be a top priority. This one is easy to include as you already have a pile lying around your house.

Secret Thailand Packing List Item #5: Bluetooth Speaker

The quickest way to make friends or enemies depending on the situation. A small bluetooth speaker. During your travels you will find yourself in a lot of situations where music is appropriate. Hanging out in a dorm room, relaxing in the lounge area of the hostel, trekking up to a viewpoint, travelling in the back of a songthaew on your way to your next destination or even relaxing on the beach! Be respectful and make sure everyone around you is cool with you adding some pop to the party.

Secret Thailand Packing List Item #6: Melatonin

Most Thailand packing lists will include ear plugs and an eye mask, for good reason! You will find yourself having to sleep in some places or positions that don’t lend themselves to sleeping . Melatonin will take that a step further, helping you catch a couple extra zzz’s on a plane, train, bus or hostel. Melatonin can be found in 3mg, 5mg and 10mg options. For under $10 you can find enough to last your whole trip.

Secret Thailand Packing List Item #7: Energy Bars and Gatorade Powder

While this will be more of a luxury for some. If you have some extra room in your backpack I would suggest adding your favorite calorie dense snacks to your packing list. Clif Bars are my personal favorite and can give you a much needed boost of energy for that morning flight. Your favorite energy drink powder is also going to save you from a couple of hangovers. Trust me you don’t want to drink the flavored powder they have here. Unless you feel like triggering your gag reflex all over again.

Your adventures begin with packing your bags.

These seven things should get you on your way to completing the ultimate Thailand packing list! Do you have a secret item that makes your adventures easier? Let us know in the comments below.

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