Dorm Etiquette: How To Be The Least Annoying Person In The Dorm

Staying in a dorm with other like-minded travellers can be a fun and life changing experience, if done properly. Since you’re sharing a space with other people with different personalities and attitudes, a fun experience can turn sour if you start to annoy others around you. You can quickly become a social pariah and will […]

Two Weeks in Thailand For: The Culture Seeker

With three ancient kingdoms in its history and several hill tribes living within its borders, Thailand has a colorful and diverse culture that makes it an attractive location for a culture seeker. We’ve mapped out a two-week holiday that will give you all the culture that you need. BANGKOK A trip to Thailand always begins […]

The Best Day Trips from Phuket

While Phuket seems to have everything you would want in a vacation destination (think: warm weather, blue skies, clear seas, amazing shopping, and lively nightlife), you may want to get out and about to explore more of Thailand during your trip. If you do, you’re in luck as there are loads of incredible day trips […]

The Best Road Trips From Krabi

As with everywhere in Thailand, the best way to get around Krabi is on two wheels (or four for longer journeys)! The freedom you have when you hire a scooter is second-to-none and you’re sure to want to stop off at viewpoints across the country for those awesome Insta snaps. Plus, as most rentals are […]