The Best Som Tam in Bangkok

The sweet, spicy, and tangy combination of Som Tam, also known as Som Tum, Thailand’s papaya salad, can be found in the side streets of Bangkok. Thai chilis, fresh garlic, dried shrimp, sweet palm sugar, fish sauce, and ingredients are crushed and mixed together in a mortar pestle to make the delicious sauce that coat […]

The Best Street Food Stalls In Bangkok

In summer 2018 CNN reported that Bangkok was the world’s best city for street food. Therefore, when the news hit that the Thai government was going to shut down the majority of street food vendors across the capital we almost went into meltdown! Where would get our noodle soup, som tam, and Pad Thai on […]

20 Thai Dishes You HAVE to Try When You Visit Thailand

Thai dishes consist of 4 flavors, none of which should be skipped!

Thai Dishes That Will Make Your Mouth Water In Thailand, cooking and eating are social events. In fact, many Thais consider it bad luck to eat alone. Sitting at a restaurant, you’ll see that things are very different from home. Rather than ordering as individuals, Thai people order several communal dishes. Meal time is an […]