Cheap Eats in Bangkok [UPDATED DECEMBER 2020]

One of the most glorious parts about visiting Bangkok is amazingly cheap and delicious food! If you are on a budget, no problem! If you are craving western-style food like burgers, pizza, or spaghetti, then you are going to be paying much higher prices. However, if you eat like a native it is cheap cheap […]

Ten Reasons You Should Visit Thailand – At Least Once

Ahh Thailand, the country of dreams. The home to Tom Yum soup, Khao San Road, elephant rescue sanctuaries and world-class islands. There are simply so many things that draw travelers to this magical country year after year that the only way to find out the best bits are to visit for yourself. We could come […]

The Best Som Tam in Bangkok

The sweet, spicy, and tangy combination of Som Tam, also known as Som Tum, Thailand’s papaya salad, can be found in the side streets of Bangkok. Thai chilis, fresh garlic, dried shrimp, sweet palm sugar, fish sauce, and ingredients are crushed and mixed together in a mortar pestle to make the delicious sauce that coat […]

The Best Pad Thai in Bangkok

As you pick up that same old blend of Pad Thai from one of the stalls on Khao San Road, have you ever wondered if there was a better version somewhere else in Bangkok. If you are a big fan of Pad Thai, take it up to the next level by finding the best Pad […]

The Best Restaurants for Seafood In Bangkok

As capital cities go, Bangkok is relatively close to the sea and you can therefore make the most of delicious seafood even when staying in the heart of the bustling city centre. Whether it’s a fresh prawn Pad Thai on the side of the street or a sumptuous crab curry at one of the city’s […]

2 Weeks In Thailand For Food Lovers

What makes Thai cuisine special is that it is created to wow the senses from its presentation to its taste. It also provides a means of experiencing the culture of the kingdoms of Thailand before it became one. As you travel each region of Thailand, you will find that the dishes you only know as […]

15 Signs You’ve Been Backpacking In Thailand

While we all travel to have unique experiences and uncover parts of a country that are special to us, there’s no denying that there are certain things about travelling to Thailand that every backpacker will experience. From partying it up on Khao San Road to watching a Muay Thai boxing match, there are some things […]

The Best Street Food Stalls In Bangkok

In summer 2018 CNN reported that Bangkok was the world’s best city for street food. Therefore, when the news hit that the Thai government was going to shut down the majority of street food vendors across the capital we almost went into meltdown! Where would get our noodle soup, som tam, and Pad Thai on […]

Feelin’ Fishy: The Best Places For Seafood In Phuket

When you’re staying on the coast in Thailand it would be a crime not to dine on some of the delicious seafood fresh out of the ocean. From cheap and cheerful seafood stir-fries to sumptuous lobsters and crabs, there are plenty of dishes to get your mouth watering. While pretty much every restaurant will have […]


Best Desserts in Phuket

Is there any better way to refresh from the Thai afternoon heat than to enjoy a cold, tart sorbet in the shade or to indulge in a delicious chocolate ice cream? I don’t think so! Luckily, Phuket has loads of amazing locations for dessert to choose from. Whether you want a café with air-con and […]