Eating As The Locals Do: The Best Street Food in Chiang Mai

Eat like a local by tasting the best street food in Chiang Mai!

A Food Lover’s Heaven: Chiang Mai’s Street Food Hotspots Northern Thailand is famous for its amazing and varied food. As the self-proclaimed capital of street food, Chiang Mai has a whole city of tasty delights waiting for you. The locals of Chiang Mai are fiercely proud of their specialty cuisines. Known as Northern Lanna, the […]

Khao Soi, The Addictive Thai Curry of Chiang Mai

Khao Soi tastes as good as it looks, with its savory broth and slow cooked chicken.

The Chiang Mai Guide to Experiencing Khao Soi Maybe you haven’t been to Chiang Mai for Khao Soi yet. Maybe you’re still researching and planning out your trip to Thailand. Maybe you’ve already blessed your taste buds with this incredibly addictive Thai dish. Well, it doesn’t matter what your experience with Khao Soi is because […]

20 Thai Dishes You HAVE to Try When You Visit Thailand

Thai dishes consist of 4 flavors, none of which should be skipped!

Thai Dishes That Will Make Your Mouth Water In Thailand, cooking and eating are social events. In fact, many Thais consider it bad luck to eat alone. Sitting at a restaurant, you’ll see that things are very different from home. Rather than ordering as individuals, Thai people order several communal dishes. Meal time is an […]