How to Travel from Bali to Lombok and Back [Updated January 2021]

UPDATED JANUARY 2021 You are about to embark on a trip to Indonesia or maybe you are already there! Indonesia is a beautiful country and it is worth trying to see as much as possible. You have just decided that you want to visit Lombok, but what’s the best way to get from Bali to […]

Dorm Etiquette: How To Be The Least Annoying Person In The Dorm

Staying in a dorm with other like-minded travellers can be a fun and life changing experience, if done properly. Since you’re sharing a space with other people with different personalities and attitudes, a fun experience can turn sour if you start to annoy others around you. You can quickly become a social pariah and will […]

How to Save Money in Bangkok: Frugal Tourism

Learn how to save money in Bangkok with our guide to food, shopping and drinks.

Learn how to save money in Bangkok because it can be expensive. If you ask any backpacker what they love most about travelling southeast asia, they’ll tell you it’s how cheap it is. That’s especially true for Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. But when we first got there, our wallets always felt empty in the […]

5 More Krabi Hostel Recommendations by Slumber Party

Check out more of our Krabi hostel recommendations.

We couldn’t stop at just 5 Krabi hostel recommendations. With so many tourists flocking to Krabi, we realized a top five just wasn’t enough. That’s why we’ve created a second list to give the world our favorite Krabi hostels. Once again, say to hell with anonymous reviews! If you take our advice instead, you’re sure […]

Slumber Party’s Top 5 Hostels in Krabi

Find the best hostels in Krabi that put you on the path to amazing adventures.

Narrowing Down the Best Hostels in Krabi It can be hard to find a kick-ass hostel in a new city—especially if you’re relying on the internet. The fact of the matter is that anyone can post an old picture or fake a review. To really know what you’re getting yourself into, you should ask the […]

4 Surefire Ways to Find Hostels Perfect for Your Travels

It can be hard to find hostels right for your needs. Finding hostels right for you is one of the most important – and commonly overlooked – aspects of your holiday. A beautiful, accommodating spot can be the cherry on top of your trip, and a sub-par one can crap all over it. In this […]