The Most Beautiful Buddha Statues in Thailand

Buddhism dominates the Thai landscape and way of life, and as such, visiting Buddhist temples, statues and shrines across the country is a major part of any trip to Thailand. Whether you want to simply hit the major spots in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, or explore some lesser known gems of Buddhist culture, Thailand has […]

Why Do Buddhist Men Become Monks Before Marriage?

Thailand is full of interesting history and culture and one of these such features is the tradition of Buddhist men becoming monks before getting married. While this is not a national requirement, around 90% of the country’s residents follow the Buddhist way of life, and as such, the majority of Buddhist males will be ordained […]

Phuang Malai: What Do These Flower Garlands Mean?

Thailand has many traditions, lots of which include colourful, beautiful offerings that adorn houses, cars, shrines and temples. But what are they? Why do locals use them? And what significance do they hold? Read on to find out all about Phuang Malai so you’re in the know when you see them in Thailand. What is […]

Temple Etiquette: How to Behave at Thailand’s Temples

Thailand temple etiquette banner

Rooted in Respect: The Slumber Guide to Thai Temple Etiquette A visit to one of Thailand’s ornate temples is a real highlight of any trip to the country. There are a few simple rules to follow when you make a visit to one of these wonderful places. Temple etiquette doesn’t take much effort and is […]

Thai Spirit Houses: The Guardians of the Galaxy

Thai Spirit Houses are a huge part of local Thai culture.

Religion in the Modern World, Thailand’s Spirit Houses Sacred and revered, Thai Spirit Houses are a unique aspect of the country’s culture. Sacred and revered, Thai spirit houses are a fascinating and unique aspect of Thai religious culture. You can’t walk through any Thai town or city without seeing these little houses in the front […]