Street Art In Bangkok: A Guide To The City’s Coolest Murals

“Street art in Bangkok: A guide to the City’s Coolest Murals”The bustling city of Bangkok has its fair share of sites to see. It is a metropolitan to it’s core and a cultural melting pot which makes it a natural hot spot for some of the world’s best street art. Artists from all over the […]

The Best Wine Bars in Bangkok

When visiting the glamorous city of Bangkok, there are evenings when you just need to slip off those elephant pants and Leo T-shirts to slip into something glitzy for a night out at one of Bangkok’s poshest wine bars. Found that perfect outfit from today’s shopping spree at Platinum Mall of Chatuchak and can’t wait […]

Two Weeks in Thailand For: The Culture Seeker

With three ancient kingdoms in its history and several hill tribes living within its borders, Thailand has a colorful and diverse culture that makes it an attractive location for a culture seeker. We’ve mapped out a two-week holiday that will give you all the culture that you need. BANGKOK A trip to Thailand always begins […]

A Brief Rundown of Bangkok’s Red Light District

While most of us think of Amsterdam when we hear ‘Red Light District’. Thailand, and specifically Bangkok, has become one of the world’s biggest players when it comes to the sex trade. This arena has had more than its fair share of bad press, and while Thailand does not condone sex tourism in any way, […]

The Best Pad Thai in Bangkok

As you pick up that same old blend of Pad Thai from one of the stalls on Khao San Road, have you ever wondered if there was a better version somewhere else in Bangkok. If you are a big fan of Pad Thai, take it up to the next level by finding the best Pad […]

2 Weeks In Thailand For: The Spiritualist

When reality gives you all the negative juju and you just need a break from it all to soak up some positive vibes, then our guide to two weeks in Thailand for the spiritualist is your perfect bet to relax and rejuvenate your qi. BANGKOK, THAILAND Head to the Bangkok Shambhala Meditation Centre, where you […]

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Travel Lovers

Looking for the best gift for a friend who spends most of his or her time globetrotting around the world. Here are the best gift ideas that will make you his or her No. 1 BFF. SCRATCH MAP Possibly the perfect way to keep your travel-crazy friend home for a while. A beautiful wall art […]

A Day Trip to Bangkok’s Snake Farm

While Bangkok has loads to offer, a visit to a Snake Farm may not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, as an alternative day trip, it ain’t half bad! I know some of you may be thinking *Asian Farm/Zoo = Animal Welfare Issues* but you can rest easy with a visit here […]

Bangkok’s Most Haunted Spots

If you’re seeking something a little different to get your heart racing while in Bangkok (aside from the Red Bull buckets on Khao San Road!) then you’ve found the right blog. Here we’ll walk through some of the most haunted spots in Bangkok for you to explore on your next trip. Ghosts have long been […]

Two Weeks in Thailand for: the Photo Enthusiast

An exotic fusion of ethnic villages, ancient ruins, glittering temples, white sand beaches, verdant forests, and spectacular falls, a journey around Thailand means that you will be coming home with a massive portfolio of pictures for your Instagram or Eyem profile. It’s going to be a mission summing up a photographer’s itinerary for two weeks, […]