Dorm Etiquette: How To Be The Least Annoying Person In The Dorm

Staying in a dorm with other like-minded travellers can be a fun and life changing experience, if done properly. Since you’re sharing a space with other people with different personalities and attitudes, a fun experience can turn sour if you start to annoy others around you. You can quickly become a social pariah and will […]

The Five Types Of People You’ll Meet While Traveling In Thailand

One of the joys of traveling is meeting different types of people who can enlighten you with their experiences. Thailand is filled with them, being a country filled with diverse activities that range from full-on parties to wellness retreats. Take a look at the types of people you’ll meet while traveling in Thailand and see […]

The Ultimate 2018 Chiang Mai Travel Guide: Backpackers Edition

Slumber Party presents the most in-depth Chiang Mai travel guide for backpacking in 2018

Chiang Mai Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know Walking around town, you’d never be able to guess that Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s largest cities. Situated north of Bangkok (inching towards Myanmar and Laos), Chiang Mai is everything that Bangkok isn’t. Relentless traffic and skytrains are replaced with footpaths and bicycles. Muggy, smog-filled […]

Bangkok Guide to Muay Thai Fighting and Training

Muay Thai Female Training

Intro to Muay Thai When people plan a trip to Bangkok, exercise usually isn’t high on their to-do list. Not to diss Las Vegas, but Bangkok is the true sin city. Tourists come here for crazy nights out, daily adventures, and experiences they’ll love but never remember. And while we (strongly) encourage those things, you […]

How to Save Money in Bangkok: Frugal Tourism

Learn how to save money in Bangkok with our guide to food, shopping and drinks.

Learn how to save money in Bangkok because it can be expensive. If you ask any backpacker what they love most about travelling southeast asia, they’ll tell you it’s how cheap it is. That’s especially true for Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. But when we first got there, our wallets always felt empty in the […]

5 More Krabi Hostel Recommendations by Slumber Party

Check out more of our Krabi hostel recommendations.

We couldn’t stop at just 5 Krabi hostel recommendations. With so many tourists flocking to Krabi, we realized a top five just wasn’t enough. That’s why we’ve created a second list to give the world our favorite Krabi hostels. Once again, say to hell with anonymous reviews! If you take our advice instead, you’re sure […]

Koh Phangan Backpacker Guide

You can be the sharpest Koh Phangan backpacker with our guide to the island.

Every month—like clockwork—our hostel goes crazy for the Full Moon Party. Neon body paint covers the walls, and you can’t throw a rock without hitting someone with a bucket (filled with a fifth of Sangsom and a can of coke). Put simply, it’s a weeklong beach rave. And even though we love a good party, […]