Dorm Etiquette: How To Be The Least Annoying Person In The Dorm

Staying in a dorm with other like-minded travellers can be a fun and life changing experience, if done properly. Since you’re sharing a space with other people with different personalities and attitudes, a fun experience can turn sour if you start to annoy others around you. You can quickly become a social pariah and will […]

Things to do in Phuket during the rainy season

When you hear “rainy season” it doesn’t sound like something to be excited about. Well it turns out the rainy season is a great time to visit Phuket! Everything is considerably cheaper, and is way less crowded so you can enjoy Phuket in a unique way. There’s lots to do during the rainy season, you […]


Thailand is like sex: You have no idea what you are getting yourself into and then it ends in tears… Or was that just me? Anyhoots, that doesn’t have to apply to you (hopefully)! This is why we have gathered all the information you need to somewhat successfully navigate through the Land of a Thousand […]