The Top 8 Places to Go Swimming in Bangkok

Bangkok Swimming Guide: The 8 Best of The Best Pools

There are lots of places you can go swimming in Bangkok. However, there aren’t nearly as many places you should go swimming in Bangkok.

Just take a dip in one of the canals and tell us how you feel. We’re sure the scientists who label you patient zero will love the story!

Jokes aside, we totally understand wanting to cool down in the Thai capitol. The. City. Is. Hot. Even worse, it’s one of the most humid in the country! You’d think that Thailand’s hottest days would be on the beaches, but there’s something especially muggy about city life.

Luckily, Bangkok boasts amazing swimming spots. From the casual rooftop oasis to pools found at the end of winding alleys, you’re sure to find the swimming spot of your dreams. And to be fair, anything will feel ten times better than the sun blazing down on you!

Read on to learn about our favorite eight pools to swim in Bangkok.

#1. Racquets Club

The Racquets Club is a bit more popular among locals, meaning you’ll see several groups of children. As long as you don’t mind the family vibe, it’s a great time! You’ll find it situations between the Phrom Phong and Thonglor BTS stations, right in the heart of Sukhumvit. In other words, it’s not too far from Slumber Party Bangkok.

A day pass to the Racquets Club is only 500 baht, and it includes access to the pool as well as their entire sports complex. You’ll be able to swim, relax, and work out. Better yet, they have a decently size spot outside to chill, meaning you can get some sun in. Nearby food and drinks are also affordable.

#2. Olympic Club

The Olympic Club is also easily accessible, just a short walk from the National Stadium BTS stop. Similar to the Racquets Club, you’ll have access to the entirety of their facilities—including a pool.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the pool to relax and drink at. It’s a proper olympic-style pool (hence the name) and geared towards lap swimmers. So if you’re looking to get boozy, it’s not your best bet.

#3. Ambassador Hotel

For just 350 baht, you can get access to the Ambassador Hotel’s gym, sauna, and outdoor pool. Located near the Nana BTS station, it’s easy to access. And although it’s a bit older, it’s one of the better deals on our list. You’ll have lots of space to relax and sunbathe as well.

If you’re feeling a bit hungry, food and drinks are reasonably priced compared to other hotels. It’s a great spot to chill and cool off in the water. It’s also a great mid-day spot because it’s close to other popular BTS spots like Asok and Siam!

#4. Kaw Noi River (Kanchanaburi)

We’re kind of cheating on this one—it’s not in Bangkok. Instead, this river is located in nearby Kanchanaburi. It’s a great option for anyone looking for a more natural epxiernece over a hotel’s pool.

Better yet, you can take some time to go rafting or turning nearby. You can even trek to Sai Yok Yai waterfall for a quick swim. This is a nice escape from city life, and a cool day trip if you’re spending more than just a few days in Bangkok.

#5. Sofitel

Sofitel hosts famous pool parties, where people drunkenly go swimming in Bangkok while enjoying the view.

This is one of the most expensive options on our list, but one of the best for someone seeking an oasis in Bangkok. This is where to go for a day of drinking and poolside sunbathing. We’d consider this the perfect beginning or end to a trip across Thailand.

Don’t believe how any pool could be worth 600 baht? Sofitel’s pool is settled on the ninth floor, giving you a view of the entire city of Bangkok. On one end of the pool, you can wade at a bar and lounge area. On the other, go for a dip at the base of a gorgeous waterfall.

#6. Benjasiri Park (Queen’s Park)

The most budget-friendly option on our list just may be the pool at Benjasiri Park. You can think of this area as a rec center, with an affordable public pool for everyone from locals to backpackers. The pool is nestled in a secluded corner of the park off of Sukhumvit Road. It’s easily accessible from Phrom Phong BTS.

Just be aware this stop requires a bit more work than others. The entrance fee is 15 baht, but you’re required to purchase a yearly membership on your first visit for 50 baht. Backpackers have also reported needing to bring copies of their passport and a health test from a nearby clinic, costing around 150 baht most of the time.

#7. Blue Parrot

Blue Parrot is probably the newest spot on our list, and has one of our favorite vibes! It’s French-inspired and attached to the equally trendy Revolucion Latin Bar. Keep in mind, however, that this is a family friendly spot.

The cost of entry? Buying a cocktail or meal! And with how great their food and drinks are, that won’t be hard to do. Over and over again. And aside from being a fun spot, they’re cartoon-like inflatables will make for some great instagram shots.

Check their website before heading over, though! From time to time, they’ll throw invents and parties. While we highly recommend them, it will affect the crowd and the cost of entry.

#8. National Stadium

No list of swimming spots in Bangkok would be complete without mentioning the National Stadium. Most backpackers know about the BTS spot, but aren’t aware you can still access the stadiums pool!

It only costs 100 baht to enter, and for that small fee you can enjoy an olympic sized pool with diving platforms. It’s usually not too busy, meaning you may end up with the whole pool to yourself!

If all you need is an escape from the heat, this may be your best option. But because it’s government-run, you won’t find cocktail bars or restaurants. You’ll have to venture out for a few drinks before and after!


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