How To Stay Fit In Ao Nang

Stay fit in Ao Nang with our favorite gyms

When you are traveling it can be difficult to stay healthy and in shape. Of course, this shouldn’t be your first concern when your natural curiosity longs for exotic food and alcoholic beverages. But there may come a time when you want to slow down on the culinary side and get more physically active again. Fortunately, there’s plenty of options to stay fit in Ao Nang. Not only do we have access to gyms and yoga studios, but the limestone cliffs on Railay and Tonsai beach are world-famous in the rock climbing community.

So, strap on your running shoes, grab your ‘Under Armor’ tank top and let’s get physical! Physical!


P.U.S.H. Fitness Center

This gym has been in the heart of Ao Nang for many years, but has since then moved to a new location further outside of town. While it is still pretty close to the OG Slumber Party Hostel, it now provides even more treadmills, cross trainer, rowing machines and resistance machines. For the buff dudes among you, they obviously still have a lot of free weights, kettle bells, benches and squat racks.

P.U.S.H. also offers personal training sessions and a variety of supplements in order to get your protein in (#gainzzzz). Every once in a while they also do hiking tours to the Tiger Cave Temple, which they follow-up with a stretching and meditation session.


  • 1 time: 300 Baht
  • 3 times: 800 Baht
  • 1 week: 1200 Baht

(incl. towel)

Opening times: 7am – 10pm (open every day)

Heroic Fitness Club

Heroic gym has been around for a little longer than a year and provides almost the same equipment as P.U.S.H. Besides that they also have a boxing ring and punching bags, which is essential for their Muay Thai classes. Other classes include circuit training, body zone, heroic women and spinning sessions.

By paying the fee, you also get access to their outdoor swimming pool, if you want to cool down after a strenuous workout. Speaking of post-workout; outside of the gym, they have a small café called ‘Procafé’, where you can purchase protein shakes, healthy snacks and smoothies, and many other supplements to help your body repair itself.


  • 1 time: 300 Baht
  • 1 week: 1050 Baht

(incl. towel, locker, access to swimming pool and showers)

Personal Training:

  • local foreigners: 400 – 600 Baht
  • tourists: 500 – 700 Baht


  • Members: 100 Baht
  • Non-members: 200 Baht

Opening times: 7am – 9pm (open every day)

How about a HIIT?

You are inexperienced in the gym, but still want to get a good and quick workout session?

HIIT (short for ‘High Intensity Interval Training’) is a popular cardio experience, because it only takes about 15 – 20 minutes. In a day and age where everyone “doesn’t have enough time” and is “busy”, HIIT is the way to go. Many claim that it is the Number 1 fat burner, because you burn more calories within a short period of time compared to any other exercises like jogging or swimming.

A HIIT workout consists of a series of exercises that you will do for usually 30 seconds each and then take a short break after each exercise.

While you are performing, you won’t just give 90% or even 99%. No, ma’am/sir. Each exercise demands 100%, if not even 110% of your energy. It’s called ‘High Intensity’ for a reason. You will be crushed, but the benefits outweigh the temporary pain.

Good sources for HIIT workouts are on the YouTube channels of Brandon Carter and TheBodyCoach. Do those two or three times a week and reap the benefits of a stronger physique.


Do you remember when we jokingly mentioned about Yoga: “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”? Well, now is your time to try it! This Indian philosophy has been around for longer than 5000 years, so there must be something about it. The postures (Asana), the breathing (pranayama), the gestures (mudras) and the mantras are all part of uniting the body, mind and spirit. The benefits from the various types of practices and disciplines include for example stress relief, better balance and posture, deeper relaxation and sleep, and an increased flow of blood and oxygen.

Here are two studios in Ao Nang that can help you achieve all of that.

Ao Nang Yoga

This small studio is a little outside of town and surrounded by nature, so it provides the perfect setting for a temporary retreat. The team teaches a wide variety of classes from breathing exercises (Prana Kriya), sun salutations (Surya-Namaskara) to Kundalini Yoga and mantra sessions. A good way to start your journey is Hatha Yoga. Here you learn all the basic poses, relaxation techniques and how to become comfortable with Yoga in general.

Classes should be booked at least a day in advance and it is recommended that you should not eat anything two or three hours prior to the exercises. You can take it even a step further by signing up for their 3 Days Detox Release Retreat.


  • 1 class: 300 Baht
  • 3 classes: 800 Baht
  • 5 classes: 1200 Baht

Private class: 1000 Baht

Times of classes:

  • 9:45am – 11am
  • 4pm – 5:15pm
  • 5:30pm – 6:45pm

Marina Yoga & Reiki

The Marina studio also offers Reiki sessions in conjunction with their Yoga classes. Reiki is “an alternative energy therapy and is administered by laying on hands”. It was developed by a Japanese Zen Buddhist in the early 20th Century and is based on the belief that there is a universal energy flowing through us. The practitioner uses his palms to transfer energy into our bodies and is thus capable of improving our immunity and sense of spirituality as well as healing chronic pain and stress.

Marina Yoga & Reiki offers not only sessions of this alternative medicine, but also courses and workshops. These courses are separated into three different levels plus a fourth one for becoming a Reiki Master. Anything else? Yes, indeed! On top of all of that, they also have meditation sessions, soundbowl therapy, daily and multi-day retreats, even a shamanic journey and much more.

Prices (Yoga):

  • 1 class: 350 Baht
  • 10 classes: 3000 Baht

Prices (Reiki):

  • 1 session: 850 Baht
  • 5 sessions: 4000 Baht

Opening times: Check out their timetable

Muay Thai

You want to feel like Tony Jaa in the martial arts movie ‘Ong-Bak’ and cause some serious damage? If so, please seek the council of a psychiatrist.

If you just want to dip your toes into the world of Thai boxing, then Ao Nang has a few options ready for you.

This Martial Art comes from Muay Boran (= “Ancient Boxing”) used by Siamese soldiers in combination with Krabi Krabong, which emphasizes on the use of weapons. Muay Thai focuses heavily on body movements for example by rotating the hips with each kick. Therefore your abdominal and oblique muscles will be getting stronger as well. Your chance of getting a shredded six-pack! It uses the whole body arsenal from hands and elbows to knees and feet. They even used their head in the old days, but nowadays your nose is safe from getting head butted.

PS: If you make you’re ever looking for Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok, we wrote a full guide on it!

Emerald Gym

Regardless if you are a beginner in the arts of Muay Thai or if you already have some experience under your belt – Emerald Gym teaches you everything you need to know in a few lessons. They often start their morning training with a jogging session, but you can just do a few warm-up and stretching exercises.

If you literally want to live and breathe Muay Thai, then you can even rent private rooms or a bed in a dorm room next to their gym. On top of Muay Thai, Emerald Gym used to teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but they have stopped those classes until further notice. Just so you know when you browse through their website without seeing the small announcement.


  • 1 session: 300 Baht (morning or afternoon)
  • 1 day: 600 Baht
  • 1 week: 3000 Baht

Rooms to rent:

  • Dorm room: 400 Baht per night
  • Private room: 600 Baht per night

Rock Climbing

Maybe you don’t want to use your bare feet like Tony Jaa and instead put on a pair of climbing shoes like Warren Harding. Harding was a legendary climber, who was also famous for boozing a lot and chasing every girl who crossed his path. If you are a guy reading this, then this might be one of your goals as well. But back to climbing!

Right outside our doorstep are some of the most beautiful limestone walls and climbers from all across the world visit Railay and Ton Sai beach to pitch their way up those walls. In case you already are an experienced climber, but forgot your gear – don’t worry! There are shops on every corner where you can rent ropes, harnesses, shoes and everything else you need for a good and safe climbing session. If you are a complete newbie or simply need a quick refresher course, then we will provide you with a great option to get you started.

Real Rocks Climbing

Real Rocks has been offering climbing courses for a decade now, so you are guaranteed to be in capable hands. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber – they have something tailored just for your needs. You can also book group tours, in case you bring your buddies along.

All their courses take place on Railay beach and the limestone walls they take you to also oversee the ocean. It can’t get any better than that! If you are absolutely in love with rock climbing and want to get more serious about it, then we recommend doing their sport climbing certified courses. Stretched over the course of a few days you learn everything from belaying to multi-pitches and lead climbing.

If you only want to try it out for a day, then we recommend doing a half-day course (either in the morning or afternoon). That one takes about four hours and should give you a good glimpse in how physically demanding this extreme sport is. But once you feel this surge of adrenaline flowing through your body, you will likely be addicted to it. You wouldn’t be the first person.

Real Rocks Climbing also offers a variety of ‘Krabi Adventure Packages’, which combines a rock climbing session with either zip lining, a Thai cooking class, stand up paddle boarding, a Muay Thai lesson or a hike up to the Tiger Cave Temple. So whatever you fancy, there is something for everyone.


  • ½ day climbing course: 1000 Baht
  • Full day: 1800 Baht

Private climbing sessions:

  • 1/2 day: 3000 Baht
  • Full day: 4500 Baht

Group tours (max. 4 people): 4000 Baht

Of course, staying fit is only one half of the battle. The other half (which many find harder) is eating healthy. Check out our Ao Nang restaurant recommendations to save yourself the trouble!

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