Quitting The Standard 9 to 5

Nowadays we’re all programmed to do the same thing;

  1. Go to school
  2. Get a degree/qualification
  3. Get a job

Boring right? Yeah we agree, at Slumber Party we’re always looking for more. More adventure, more life, more experiences, and of course, more partying! 

The only way you can get more from life is by choosing a destination, packing a bag, and jumping straight on a plane. Whilst this might not be possible right now, it’s certainly the time to think about doing it. This pandemic has really given us time to reflect on what’s important in life, with all the things we take for granted being put in the spotlight you might not think that travel is up there as being important. You’d be wrong.

Why Travel?

If you’ve not traveled before, or you’ve only taken a 2 week holiday to Thailand, take the time we currently have to study up on where you want to go. Travel really does broaden the mind and give you a deeper understanding of what makes you happy in life. You get to experience things you might never have experienced before, challenge yourself, overcome fears, or even something simple as doing your first shotgun 😉

The sense of freedom you get when travelling is rarely found anywhere else, from the amazing sights in Northern Thailand through to the unforgettable nightlife of Southern Thailand (or forgettable depending on how big the night out it was!) You can go where you want, with you who want and for how long you want. You can get on a plan to visit Vietnam for a few weeks, before cruising through to Cambodia for a while and then jetting off to Bali for a few weeks of luxury.

Once things get back to normal – and they will – the freedom we will all feel means that as many people as possible will be booking that first flight out of town and heading to South East Asia. The difference is that this time, you’ve done your research, found those Insta-worthy spots, and will be ready to leave the first chance you get!

don’t worry!

If you’re worried about giving up a job or just the prospect of travelling you can stop worrying now. As we’ve said, this pandemic has really shone a spotlight on life and how we can really regret the things we take for granted. There will always be a chance to get a new job, or go to study at university, but your chance to get on a plane and travel might not come as often as you’d like.

Obviously it’s not a decision to take likely, however, if you are slightly apprehensive why not ask your employer if they can hire you back once (or rather if!) you return? Speaking from experience, if you’re good at your job you’re more than likely going to be able to get your job back if you did return home.

So if you’ve ever considered traveling, even if it’s just flicking through a travel brochure or checking flights and thinking “Oh that would be nice”, stop thinking about it and get booking.

As the saying goes…..

You only regret the chances you didn’t take

Let us know in the comments where your first destination will be!


PSA: Whilst we have you, don’t forget about our life-changing One Bed One Meal Program, aimed at donating meals to the local community for every night that you purchase with us. Please see our One Bed One Meal Page for more information and our Terms and Conditions and also our One Bed One Meal Update Blog Post


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