Singin’ in the Rain: What to Do On a Rainy Day in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is renowned for having stunning beaches, epic jungle hikes and gorgeous waterfalls to explore, but what happens when it starts to rain? And rain. And rain. During the wet season, downpours are usually fairly short but boy, they are heavy! So, if you can avoid being caught out in the rain by choosing one of these things to do on a rainy day in Koh Phangan you’ll be glad you read this article!

Eat and Drink

To be honest this would probably top my list of what to do in Thailand whether it’s raining or not, but when monsoon strikes there’s nowhere better to be than in one of Koh Phangan’s restaurants or coffee shops! With top notch coffee, delicious cakes and tasty Thai and Western cuisine, there is loads to feast on day and night.

Food is so cheap here that you can easily while away hours moving from one meal to the next, and pretty much every café has WiFi so you can sit down with your book, phone or laptop and make a day of it! If you want great vegan food, head to Srithanu on the north-west of the island as Pure Vegan and EatCo have some of the best vegan dishes you’ll ever try!!!

Enjoy a Cookery Class

If you fancy learning a skill while you’re away (not just gorging on divine cuisine), then hit up one of Koh Phangan’s cookery classes. There are a number of Thai Cookery Schools across the island which will give you the skills to recreate some classic Thai dishes when you return home such as Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice. You’ll learn all about fresh produce, Thai flavours and knife skills so you can wow your friends and family back home.

Once you’ve finished the class, you’ll be able to enjoy your dishes with a cool drink in hand.

Try Yoga or Meditation

Some other great options for rainy days include yoga, meditation or other spiritual practices. The island is built on Rose Quartz which is known for its healing powers and heart-opening qualities, therefore it has become somewhat of a spiritual centre with yogis heading here from around the world.

Most yoga shalas across the island are inside or at least covered and offer drop in sessions for 200-400 baht with everything from vinyasa and hatha yoga to meditation, rebirthing, tantra and reiki!

Have a Massage

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You can’t walk more than five minutes in Koh Phangan without passing at least one massage parlour, if not more! The prices for a Thai massage (in a shared room) are fairly standardised across the island at 300 baht/hour. You may pay a little more for a specialised oil massage but at less than a tenner I can’t imagine many better ways to spend an hour out of the rain!

Alternatively, if the forecast looks set to rain for most of the day you may want to find a day spa where you can relax in the pools, saunas and steam rooms too.

Go to the Cinema

While it seems crazy to go to the cinema while you’re away, sometimes there’s nothing better than chilling out and watching a film, especially if you’ve been on the road for a long time! The Moonlight Cinema in Thongsala is a fun spot with cosy cushions and personal headphones for you to watch the film. Plus, you can bring in drinks and snacks too so you’ll be all set!

Have you been stuck on Koh Phangan during the rain? What did you get up to to keep dry? Let us know your favourite rainy-day activities in the comments so that other travellers don’t waste a day or miss out on some awesome spots while it rains!

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