Phuket Simon Cabaret: The Greatest Ladyboy Show on Earth

Ladyboys and Lyrics: Phuket Simon Cabaret

Color. Beauty. Glamor. The Phuket Simon Cabaret is a sight to behold!

Imagine a night in Patong where you sip delicious cocktails, listen to incredible music and watch spectacular dance routines performed by beautiful women. Sound good to you? Enter Phuket Simon Cabaret!

All is not quite as it seems though, as the women at Simon Cabaret are actually Thailand’s renowned ladyboys. They lip sync, dance and act along with their male partners and provide entertainment to rave reviews night after night. It’s one of the best shows in the country, hands down. If you’re running out of things to do in Phuket, add this one to the bucket list!

Of all Thai ladyboy shows, Phuket Simon Cabaret is the best.

What to Expect of a Ladyboy Cabaret

You might be forgiven for thinking that somewhere that calls itself a ‘cabaret’ show would be slightly tacky and down at heel, but nothing could be further from the truth. From the minute you step through the doors you’re in a world of glamor. Makeup, stiletto heels and costumes dripping in diamante are everywhere. You’ll wish you dressed up!

The theatre seats about 600 so if you want to be at the front then shell out a bit more for a VIP ticket. Be warned though, if you’re in the front row then you may end up being part of the show! There are some big dance numbers to begin with followed by a quieter section in front of the curtain while the set is changed, and then a huge finale. You’ll be in there for about an hour so it’s not too long to wait for another cocktail from the bar- no drinks are allowed in the auditorium.

The Ladyboys of Phuket Simon Cabaret

As you sit there watching the show you may well find yourself marveling at the women on stage. Tall, graceful and beautifully made up, they would stand out in any crowd. Thailand has a long history of diversity and these transgender performers are often treated as local celebrities. The dance numbers are specifically choreographed for the Cabaret and are designed to show off their flamboyant talents to good effect.

Getting Up Close and Personal

After you’ve enjoyed the show in the auditorium there’s the chance to meet the performers up close. As you leave the theatre you’ll walk past the ladies from the show and it’s normal (or even expected) to have your picture taken with them. A word of warning though, it’s not free! A photo with one performer starts at 100 baht and if you pose with more than one performer at once then expect to pay the same to each. Don’t be put off though, it’s a great souvenir and a guaranteed new profile picture!

The Where and How

Simon Cabaret is on the outskirts of Patong Beach at 8 Sirirach Rd, Kathu, Phuket 83150. Taxi drivers can charge a very high price to drop you here so try and buy a ticket in advance that has transfers included as it will save you a few bucks.

The website at sells VIP tickets at 1000 baht, but you can do better than that. Travel agents in town will sell you a ticket & transfer package from 600 baht if you haggle hard and even the theater itself will give you a discount if you turn up on the day.

There are three performances each day at 18:00, 19:00 and 21:00, Pick the one that works for you, get there early to enjoy a cocktail in the lounge bar and enjoy. It’s a night like no other!

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