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Welcome to Slumber Party Hostel. We are  proud to offer the best party hostel experience for backpackers across Thailand and Indonesia. 

When we say Phuket, we imagine the first thing that comes to mind is partying…..right? Well, you’re definitely not wrong, and with there being a Slumber Party in Phuket you know there’s a great party to be had (sorry not sorry)


Did you know that there’s actually more to Phuket than meets the eye? If you can drag yourself out of bed, shake off the hangover or heaven forbid take a day off the sauce, check out some of our top tips to get little more from your Phuket experience.


What better place to start than beaches and Phuket are sure as hell host to some great ones! With so many to choose from here’s our shortlist;

  • Kata Beach – Just a short drive from Patong, lots of shops and restaurants nearby
  • Karon Beach – Few minutes from Kata beach, this beach is so long that it never feels full
  • Kata Noi Beach – Once voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!
  • Surin Beach – About a 10-15 minute drive, but usually empty, a great spot to get away from the noise of Patong
  • Patong Beach – Personally, not a great beach as it’s usually jam-packed with tourists, but if you’re staying with us in Patong is the closest beach you can find


Our Phuket Island Tour is not to be missed!

Tours, tours, tours. That’s right, with Phuket being the major tourist destination that it is, you’re not short of tours. With options ranging from island hopping to ziplining adventures, we think you would be hard pushed to not find anything that tickles your fancy. 

Better yet, we run two of our own awesome tours right at Slumber Party Phuket HQ! Our Phuket Awesomeness Tour takes you to some of Phuket’s best spots, and our Phuket Island Awesomeness Tour is our very own island hopping tour showcasing some great beaches with the help our friends at Leo of course 😉

Big Buddha Statue

A staple for any tourist visiting Phuket, the Big Buddha statue is 45m tall white marble statue dedicated to Buddha. It also houses a great 360-degree view of Phuket which means you’ll bag some awesome pics for the gram when you get there.

The most common way to get here is via motor transport, however, for the adventurous type there is also a hiking trail which takes approx 2-3 hours to complete. The starting point is the street Patak Soi 12 in the Kata area and the trek takes you up a mountain and through the jungle, so our advice would be to stay hydrated, wear appropriate footwear and go early to avoid the heat!

Finally, as it’s a place of worship please remember to dress appropriately as you would any other temple. 

Old Town

Phuket Old Town is another popular stop for those wanting some type of culture when visiting Phuket. With some incredible European style architecture, gram worthy stops and unique boutiques and coffee shops it’s definitely worth a trip.

The only downside to Old Town is that is based on the other side of the island (if you’re staying with us in Patong, which of course you would be!), so make sure you have your own transport or the taxi will be expensive! 

Green Elephant Sanctuary

Unfortunately, there are a lot of places in Phuket that will claim to be a sanctuary or even worse clearly advertise to be trekking, however, our friends at Green Elephant Sanctuary are the real deal. With two tour times a day, guests get to learn about the elephants in their care and how they are looked after, you are also able to feed and bathe with the elephants towards the end of the tour. All of this is done with the help of a tour guide who is there to answer any questions you might have throughout the day. 

Additionally, with lunch, showering facilities and also a photographer on hand all day, it’s a great and rewarding way to spend your day!

As we work with these guys, don’t forget you can book this tour with our reception team 🙂

Night Markets

One of our favourite things to do in Thailand is visiting night markets. Food, drinks and clothes, sounds like a great way to spend your time right?! With two main night markets to choose from, including an amazing Sunday Walking Street in Old Town, make sure you’ve got some change on hand to pick up a bargain or eat till you can’t move (but make sure you leave some room for a drink or 5!)


Views for days!

Finally, another staple on a backpackers bucket list, viewpoints! Phuket has two main viewpoints that you can visit. The main one is Karon Viewpoint, not too far from Karon beach it means that you can tick two boxes in one day! The other is Promthep Cape, a bit further of a drive than Karon, it’s a very popular destination for sunsets so make sure you’ve got plenty of bars on your phone!

That wraps up our guide to a great time in Phuket without the need for Bangla Road! If you’re staying with us, we know you’ll want to experience Bangla, so make sure you’re back at the hostel for 6pm for shots, beer pong and a night that you won’t want to miss!

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