The Eight Types of People You’ll Meet in Bali

Meeting different types of people with different backgrounds and experiences is one of the perks of traveling. With the swarms of tourists that fly to Bali each year, you are bound to meet one of these colorful individuals. Here are the types of people you are bound to meet in Bali.


Easy to spot as you are riding along the busy streets of Seminyak or Canggu as they are usually either half-naked or in their bikinis, wobbling on their tiny Scoopy as they try to find their balance amidst the weight of their humongous surf board attached to one side. If you are driving in Bali, make sure you steer clear of them or you’ll end up stuck behind them or get a long board whooping when they turn.


While everyone else is on vacation, the Digital Nomad continues to work, furiously hammering on their laptop as if on a race to get to a deadline or perhaps caught in the act of procrastination as they idly browse through their FB or IG newsfeed or staring into the space above the screen of their laptop. When they’ve got their headsets or earphones on, this is a cue for you to leave them alone. Approach at your own risk.


Their presence changes the club’s atmosphere to loud and sleazy as they came to Bali for a week of boozing and picking up chicks right to celebrate their friend’s inevitable marriage. If you are a lady, you would know these creeps by the smell of booze and the way they creep up behind you while you are dancing, expecting you to spontaneously grind with them. The good news is that if you avoid Kuta, you don’t need to worry about running into them.


When asked what they are doing in Bali and the answer is somewhat similar to, “I love Eat Pray Love.” then you’ve found The Eat Pray Love fan. This person will probably also add a life story that makes him or her relate to the lead character of the novel. Whether it’s an epiphany from a bad break up or the death of their cat, they will let you know that they have realized how much they needed to find themselves. And, even though they have never done any form of yoga or meditation before, they will tell you that they aim to find themselves in some Vipassana or yoga retreat.


You will spot them attached to some colourful mural as they take several shots to find the picture perfect shot for their Instagram profile. Dressed or perhaps undressed to the T to create that model wannabe image for their many IG followers hooked on their glam life. When you dine with these influencers, be sure to practice the proper etiquette of waiting for all the foodie shots to be taken before eating.


It all starts with an innocent gap year to discover the world until you fall in love with the country or maybe with a local and you end up staying there for good. Living in the paradise island of Bali has its perks and once you’ve settled in, it can be quite hard to leave.


Stressed, overworked, and probably bent over from too much office work, the Professional heads to Bali to find relaxation in some luxury spa. Once in a while, they do hit the streets of Canggu and Seminyak for a shopping trip or a drink at the bar looking too posh and smart compared to the other travelers around them. Most of the time, however, they are stuck in their luxury accommodation answering business calls and working on their computer.


They have a very particular diet. Some are stuck on raw food while some are on some plant-based, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, or even some sort of flexi diet. “I mostly eat plant-based but some days I do treat myself to a burger.” They may or may not appreciate being asked to join you for a cup of coffee as caffeine may have horrible, chaotic effects on their chakras, qi, energy, or whatever. Always off to some yoga or meditation session or some sort of tantric practice, it’ll be quite rare to see them wearing anything other than their flowing pants or yoga pants.


Our goal is to make you laugh with our cheeky descriptions. If you have a brilliant statement that you would like to add, share some laughs by commenting below.

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