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When you think of Bangkok, you may not usually think of trees or other greenery. Hustle and bustle, plus bright city lights tend to overwhelm the city’s atmosphere. But, in the midst of all the craziness, there are some urban parks in Bangkok where you can escape to a peaceful green oasis. All you have to do is know where to find them and we can help you with that. Here are some of the best urban parks in the Bangkok:

Lumphini Park

parks in bangkok lumpini park
Source: Flickr

Lumphini Park provides a peaceful green retreat from Bangkok’s hustle and bustle. Here, you’ll find people enjoying life outdoors exercising, doing Tai Chi, playing games and even dancing. You can do these or some of Lumphini’s other unique activities. Take a swan paddleboat onto the park’s lake, try some Buddhist Dharma Activities held on the last Sunday of every month, or enjoy listening to live Thai and Western music in the park.

Sanam Luang

sanam luang parks in bangkok grand palace
Source: Flickr

Sanam Luang park is just a short walk away from Bangkok’s majestic Grand Palace. In this large open green space, you’ll be standing right where Thai royals once held their ceremonies and functions. The park was previously used as a crematorium space for kings, queens, and other high-ranking members of the royal family. Come get a taste of Thai history and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

Benchasiri Park

This park created in 1992 to commemorate the sixtieth birthday of Thai Queen Sirikit, entices Bangkok locals and tourists alike. It’s become a hub for open-air activities and events in Bangkok’s Khlong Toei District. The park has a small ornamental lake, a small swimming pool, a basketball court, Sunday Buddhist sermons and a water fountain where water dance shows take place 3 times a day. The natural beauty of the park is enhanced even more by sculptures scattered throughout the green space. You’ll take in lovely views at every corner.

Chatuchak Park

Chatchuchak Parks in Bangkok lake
Source: Flickr

Chatuchak Park is such a cool spot because of its location. It’s right next to the world famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, the largest market in Thailand that sells everything from food to foot massages. In the park, there’s a popular Thai Literature and Herb Garden and a large lake that you can rowboat in. Take a break from wandering the city and have a peaceful and relaxing afternoon.

Benjakiti Park

Parks in bangkok sukhumvit park buildingLocated among Sukhumvit’s high rise hotels and office blocks, Benjakiti Park was created to add a peaceful touch to Bangkok’s crowded atmosphere. It’s hard to believe that this park used to be a tobacco pond because of its natural beauty today. It was converted into a green space in 2004 to honor Queen Sirikit’s 72nd birthday and has been thriving ever since. Benjakiti Park offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Asoke skyline, centered around the beautiful 30-acre Lake Rajada. Enjoy the park while taking a boat on the lake or while using its outdoor cycling track and exercise area.

Santiphap Park

parks in bangkok SantiphapFor all you bird-watchers out there, this is the park for you. Located between Ratchawithi Road and Rang Nam Road in Bangkok’s Ratchathewi district, over 30 species of birds have been recorded in this park since its creation. Peacefully watch them next to the park’s central pond and admire the symbol of the park, which is rightfully a bird. Here’s a cool fact; this blackened bronze sculpture of a dove carrying an olive branch is based on a work by Pablo Picasso. Fans of his art will definitely enjoy this.

Believe it or Not, Bangkok is much Greener than You Think

It’s true that Bangkok is sprawling with people, but there are some spaces where you can find a bit of tranquility. Having some downtime to break up day to day activities when you travel is important. Luckily, these green oasis’ can definitely give you that! Have a picnic, take a boat on a lake or simply take a walk and enjoy a bit of fresh air in one of these beautiful parks. They make traveling this bustling city so much more relaxing and fun.

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We will be donating one meal to a family in need for every bed that is booked now.

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