Pai Travels: Sightseeing in Pai by Motorbike (Guest Blog)

Things to See and Do in Pai by Bethany Purves

Pai – the home of cheap beer, heavenly street food, and deathly roads. The name has been on the lips of every backpacker I have met in the past three months; describing the beauty of the place. Whenever Pai was recommended, it always came with the same advice: “You have GOT to rent a scooter“. So, of course, that is exactly what I did. While exploring this beautiful town, I saw some mind blowing places.

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Your 2 Day Itinerary for Pai

The first place I rode to was the Pai Canyon. Located just 8 km from Pai, this natural mystic beauty has been formed by erosion over years and years until it reached it’s current state. Once climbing up to 300 stairs to reach the top, you have the choice to either relax on a wooden bench and enjoy views, or join them by trekking over narrow path with dangerous 30 meter drops at either side. Although this walk should be done with caution, the unique views that await you make it all worth it.

Northern Thailand, Pai

After an exhausting day of hiking, we decided our next biking adventure would be a relaxed one. So we jumped on a bike for 2 hours – makes sense, right? We decided to head down the very twisty road 1095, through the mountainous terrain, for almost 30 miles to the Tham Lod Cave. On our way, we decided to stop off at the viewpoint on the top of the mountain and enjoy the green landscape (which also led us to acting like children on the human ferris wheel!).

Once we were finished playing, we traveled an extra 20 km to the small town of Soppong. Continuing on, you’ll see a sign that reads “Cave Lodge 8 km”. After taking 2 right turns,you’ll find yourself at the entrance of the cave.

Hit the roads of northern Thailand with our 2 day Pai itinerary

Upon arrival, we were given the options to see either one cave, 2 caves, or all 3 with includes bamboo rafting. We opted for only seeing 2 caves as were were short on time since we wanted to catch the sunset when we reached the viewpoint on the way back. After going through the first entrance and climbing a steep set of stairs, we reached the Column Cave. The first thing you see upon entering is the towering pillars and petrified waterfalls hanging above you.

The second cave was the most fascinating of the two – the Doll Cave. First look inside the cave and we were all seeing different shapes in the rocks. A Buddha – a crocodile – even a woman’s breast (hahah!).

Sunset Viewpoints for Your Pai Travels

Make sure to find an epic spot to watch the sunset in your Pai travels

Once on our way back to Pai, we were able to catch the most beautiful sunset on top of the viewpoint. Biking around Pai has to be the most thrilling, terrifying experience during my entire time in Thailand. This entire trip, I have been too scared to even go near a bike. But we’re backpacking! If we aren’t doing something completely out of our comfort zones everyday, then what’s the point? I 100% recommend renting a bike – but PLEASE stay safe. Ask somebody with experience how to ride, and then have fun!

Wondering how to get to Pai from Chiang Mai? We’ve got you covered!

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