One Bed ONe Meal Update

As the COVID-19 Pandemic spread and took off across the globe, it became apparent to us here at Slumber Party Hostel, that like the rest of the world. We were going to need to put a pause on things for the safety of our staff, and you, our guests. Shortly thereafter, it was not only us, but Countries were also shutting down and locking their borders, and just like that, Thailand and Indonesia whose economy relies heavily on tourism were now facing an estimated 70% of the population out of work. Most of the population relied on the daily income from the tourist market to afford basic needs for themselves and their families.

As the owners of Slumber Party Hostels, we saw this and put together the 1 Bed, 1 Meal initiative, in an effort to be able to supply local families with daily meals & support provide employment for locals during this time. One Bed One Meal works by donation, and is 100% not for profit, with all proceeds going towards food for the local community, or the individuals helping to prepare the meals. 

Since times around the globe have been hard, and uncertain, over the past few months due to everything happening, we simply did not feel comfortable asking for a straight donation. One Bed, One Meal works by allowing you to pre-book a bed for the future at any of our hostels in Thailand or Indonesia for just $8 (250 THB), and in return, you will be donating a meal for a day to family in need. 

We have also put together packages to allow you to take advantage of bigger savings on future bookings while donating more to the communities here in need. 

Our Goal Is To Donate Meals to 1000 Local Families

So far through the proceeds of the 1 Bed 1 Meal initiative, we have been able to provide 250 families with meals in the local communities around our hostels. Our goal is to hit 1000 meals

If you would like to donate or reserve a bed for the future, please head over to

We put together the One Bed, One Meal program on the basis that when you make the donation for supporting the local communities with meals, we wanted to make sure that you got something in return as we did not feel comfortable asking for a straight donation as times and hardships for everyone around the globe were at an all-time high. For every meal given, you will be using the credit in the future to book nights at any of our Slumber Party Hostels when you are able to travel again. 

While the prospects of reopening borders and travel again are still uncertain, Thailand and Indonesia have both stated that international travel will be open in August for Thailand, and September for Indonesia. However, this is a global effort to reopen, as we need to wait on other countries around their world to open the borders for their citizens to travel again.

We would be super interested to hear your thoughts on travel again in the future post-COVID-19. Are you excited to get out and travel again? Do you think you will travel differently in the future? What are you most excited about? Is there anything that you would like to see changed in how travel businesses operate?

Let us know in the comments below!

Stay Safe!


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