Thailand’s Favorite Sport: Where to Watch Muay Thai in Chiang Mai

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The Best Places to Experience Muay Thai in Chiang Mai

It’s fast. It’s brutal. It’s incredibly entertaining to watch. Even if you’re not a martial arts or boxing fan Muay Thai in Thailand is an experience in its own right. Grab your friends and have a night with the locals.

Muay Thai isn’t just a sport in Thailand. It’s an institution. Muay Thai has evolved into a sport from military combat. The armed forces of the Siamese empire were vigorously trained in hand-to-hand combat designed to overwhelm opponents. That was 200 years ago. Nowadays it’s a sport beloved across the nation.

The act of fighting is brutal. The fighters are fast and lighter than other boxing style sports. They use their fists, elbows, shins and knees to strike their opponent. Sound like your thing? Don’t just stop at watching, thousands of tourists enlist in specialist Muay Thai training camps, you can even get a visa for it. When you go along to a night you can usually expect to see between 5-7 different fights. There will be varying styles and weight classes to see, usually the big fight of the night is at the end.

So without further ado, let’s get ready to rumble!

Thapae Boxing Stadium

This has to be the most central location of all the Chiang Mai stadiums. Walking distance from the Old City on Moon Muang Road and incredibly close to the Thapae Gate. This is where the majority of Chiang Mai visitors will come to watch Muay Thai.

You can expect to see both experienced and novice fighters here. Just check the posters near the venue for more info.

Note – there have been lots of reviews recently that the fights are staged and are predominantly put on to excite tourists. It’s your decision whether you just want to experience the style of fighting or if you want to see a fair and regulated fight.

Cost: 400 baht / 600 baht – depending on the quality of ticket that you want.

Opening Time: Check your ticket but usually from 21:00-00:00 on Monday-Saturday nights.

Refreshments: Soft and alcoholic drinks are available for spectators.

Location: 319 Moon Muang Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100

There are many places to watch Muay Thai in Chiang Mai.

Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium

An indoor complex with more than just a Muay Thai centre. There are almost always different series of matches on from Tuesday to Saturdays. If you want to make a real night of it then there are plenty of different beer bars and a comprehensive pool hall. Don’t challenge the pool girls or ladyboys to a game for cash unless you’re a pro or you feel like losing your money…

Cost: 400 baht / 600 baht – depending on the quality of ticket that you want.

Opening Time: Check your ticket but usually from 21:00-00:00 on Tuesday-Saturday nights.

Refreshments: All types served all around the venue.

Location: 96-98, Loi Kroh Rd., Soi 3, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100

Loi Kroh has the largest capacity of any stadium to watch Muay Thai in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium

The Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium is the most professional of the venues. This is a purpose built Muay Thai facility that hosts many professional bouts. Tickets, therefore, are somewhat more difficult to come by. If it’s a big fight, locals will want to be there too. For the same reason this is the most expensive of the venues on our list. It’s a little further from the Old City towards the north west and Doi Suthep.

Cost: 600 baht / 1000 baht / 1500 baht– depending on the quality of ticket that you want.

Opening Time: 08:30 – 23:30 – check your ticket for fight times.

Refreshments: Soft and alcoholic drinks are available for spectators.

Location: 177, Chang Phuak Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200

The Western style boxing stadium setup is exactly how foreigners best love to watch Muay Thai in Chiang Mai

Muay Thai in Chiang Mai Insider Tip

Don’t just turn up for the title fight! Part of the fun is in the build-up, chatting with all of the locals and having a drink whilst soaking up the atmosphere. If you want to know anything about the fighters, especially the big names, just ask someone in your row. You’re sure to start up a debate!

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