Learning To Dive: Why Thailand is the perfect place to learn

Learning to dive anywhere in the world is an amazing experience, along with the refreshing sense of freedom that diving has to offer, it’s also a great way to keep healthy and active. That being said, there are significant differences in the place you choose to learn, going from comfort and ease to how transferable the skills will actually be. Learning to dive in Thailand has got be one of the best global spots to pick up this otherworldly skill. Not only does Thailand offer you a choice of 2 amazingly warm and clear seas, the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, but it also has such a wide range of exciting and enchanting underwater ecosystems to explore. Let’s get specific.

Internationally Recognized Dive Sites

Diving at the Similan Islands

In Thailand, you’ll find a selection of excellent, world-renowned dive sites. From the crystal clear waters of the beautiful Similan Islands to the chilled out vibes of glorious Koh Tao, Thailand has many internationally recognized dive sites. The reason behind this international support rests in the vibrant waters and established infrastructure in the country. The vibrant waters are home to many of an artificial reef, 90% of which are purposely sunk old ships, with the other 10% being accidental shipwrecks. The central aspect of this global recognition is that you can get international certification through one of the many PADI or SSI diving schools. These schools offer internationally accredited diving courses in some of the most idyllic environments known to man.

Palm Trees & white sands

There’s a reason Thailand is one of the most popular tourist and backpacker hubs in the world, and it’s not because of the durian. Thailand’s white sand and tall palms attracted 35 million tourists in 2017, up from the 32 million the year before. The heaven-like environment is supreme throughout the hot, cool and even wet season, with incredible wildlife and natural wonders to explore. Thailand is always at the top of people’s lists when it comes to where they want to dive, simply because after a long day floating through an underwater world you can lay back on a sun lounger sipping on an ice cold beer or drift off to the calming sound of gentle waves in your on beach hammock.

Blue seas and a cool breeze

Thailand doesn’t just have the perfect scenery above water to feast your eyes on, this tropical paradise also continues in the same fashion down in the depths. The country is home to several marine national parks, the caretakers of which take the care and protection of the natural environment with the highest importance. Mu Koh Similan National Park, Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park, and Mu Ko Lanta National Park are three of these gorgeous natural beauties Thailand has to offer, with Mo Koh Similan National Park being home to the crystal vodka clear waters of the Similan Islands.

Learning to dive here is cheap

learning to dive in thailand is a great experienceLearning to dive in Thailand doesn’t just come with the stunning, jaw-dropping scenery, it also comes with a price tag to please even the most frugal of spenders. The Thai baht (THB) currently stands at 33.21 against the dollar (USD) and 42.81 against the British pound (GBP). Now holding this in mind, a standard meal at a local restaurant (the best food is always at local restaurants) will set you back anywhere between 40THB and 90THB, depending on where you are and what you’re having. Learning to dive on a three-day course will only set you back £200 GBP and for those of you already certified, you’ll pay a fraction of that. Thailand is the equivalent of Moet Champagne with the price tag of Tesco Prosecco.

So why should you learn to dive here?

learning to dive in koh tao
Spending time in this beautiful country is easy, it’s the deciding what to do first that’s hard. In Thailand, diving is one main draws when it comes to attracting international tourism, especially the thrill-seeking outdoor kind. With the white sand beaches lined with picturesque palm trees next to clear as glass seas, delicious food and travel costing almost nothing. That paired with internationally accredited dive schools and certification at excellent an excellent price. The question shouldn’t be why you should learn to dive in Thailand, the question should be why haven’t you already learned to dive in Thailand.

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