Planning Your Krabi Vacation: Everything You Need To Know

4 Day Itinerary for Your Vacation in Krabi

Planning out a vacation can be a stressful task. Fortunately for you, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together everything you need to know about your Krabi vacation! In this post you can check out awesome places to stay, what to check out around Krabi and how long you should stay. 

Krabi Vacation Itinerary: What to do in Krabi?

Krabi includes some of the best views and packed days, anywhere in Thailand. For our itinerary we are going to focus on things to do around Ao Nang and Krabi Town. After that we will include some of the other best spots in the province like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta.

Day One: The Four Island Tour

The most iconic option in Ao Nang is the Four Island Tour. Popular in the Andaman Sea, island tours show off the the countless islands in Phrang Nga Bay. The two islands closest to Ao Nang are Chicken Island and Poda Island. Coupled with Railay Beach and Tonsai Bay, these make up the usual four island schedule from Ao Nang. Slumber Party hosts a badass Island Aweseomeness Tour that includes lunch, a tank top and the opportunity to meet a ton of amazing people! Most tours in Krabi don’t include your entrance fees on to each island. For reference, these are local national park fees.


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Day Two: A Jungle Adventure

The other major attractions inland around Krabi Town include Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi Hot Springs and the Emerald Pools. Make sure you check out the articles linked above for a full run down on each location! Visiting all these places can be done in a day. But, it can be costly if you need to rent a motorbike or driver for the day and pay many entrance fees. Slumber Party’s Jungle Awesomeness Tour takes care of all that for you. It also includes lunch and snacks at the Krabi Town night market!

Day Three: Tab Kak Viewpoint

Make sure you get up bright and early on day three. You need to make it to Tab Kak ahead of the crowd and the sun! One of the most beautiful viewpoints in the world is your reward at the end of a 90 minute hike to the top. Make sure you bring closed toed shoes and plenty of water. At least 1.5L per person. There is also a quiet little waterfall near the top that is an awesome spot for a break during the rainy season. If you come to Krabi and didn’t get a photo at Tab Kak, did you really come to Krabi?

Day Four: Beach Day

After three days packed full of adventure you deserve a day off. Head down to Ao Nang or Noppharat Thara beach and relax in the sun. Browse the shops down by the beach or take a walk along the monkey trail and take some pictures with the cute little guys. Make sure your camera has a strap on it or you have a tight grip on your phone. Monkeys like shiny things!

Krabi Vacation Monkeys

Krabi Vacation Length: How long should I stay?

This can vary as there is plenty to do in Krabi. If you are only planning to do the basics we would recommend at least 4-5 days. If you are planning to stay longer you can include at least couple of nights on Koh Phi Phi. This lets you explore some of the beautiful bays around the island. Including the world famous Maya Bay.

If you want to stay even longer than that we would suggest heading to Koh Lanta further down the coast. Koh Lanta is popular with many expats, digital nomads and slow travelling tourists. Koh Lanta is known more for it’s atmosphere. It strikes a perfect balance between relaxation and daily activities. Make sure you check out the stunning beaches and Mu Koh Lanta National Park.

Krabi Vacation Spots: Where should I stay?

If you’re looking for a hostel accommodation. We have to start of course by recommending Slumber Party for your stay in Ao Nang! And for your stays on Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lanta we can recommend Blanco’s as long as you don’t mind being at the center of the party.

If you’re looking for a hotel accommodation. Ao Nang has many beautiful resorts. These include Ao Nang Cliff Beach or the Centara Grand of you don’t mind being a little farther away from the beach! Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta both have a variety of hotels from budget friendly all the way to ultraluxe villas. If you are looking to ball out for a few nights!

Regardless of where you stay or for how long. We are sure you’ll fall in love with Krabi as much as we have!

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