There’s more to Koh Phangan than the smashing Full Moon Party. Whether you want more of a good night, or you completely missed out on Full Moon because of your travel dates, here’s a list of Koh Phangan’s wildest parties. Take notes, kids, it’s about to get wild.



Haad Rin’s Full Moon Party is no longer the island’s best-kept secret. With more than 12 powerful sound systems and a long line up of big shot local and international DJs playing various tunes on the 800-meter beach, the Full Moon party has become an institution with 30,000 party goers crowding the beach each month.

To join the party, get there at 10 PM as this is the time when the party actually begins. Pay the 100THB entrance fee, get yourself painted and get a drink, usually with the traditional bucket for 200 to 300THB. If you want to give the huge flaming swing a go, walk to the part of the beach closest to Haad Rin Town. And, if the party gets too intense for your liking, you can also head to the restaurants in town for a party break.



Much smaller than the Full Moon parties of Haad Rin Beach, the half moon parties held near Baan Tai are held twice a month when the moon is either waning or waxing. With fire shows and local DJs playing a fantastic mix of house, techno, and trance, you will still be dancing the night away during the Full Moon Pre-Party and Post-Party. With an entrance fee of 1,000THB, you get two drinks and souvenirs.


As the moon becomes darker, a chilled space in the form of a Black Moon Party on Baan Tai Beach emerges. With the trance and progressive dance beats played by local and international DJs and the psychedelic installations, you will be floating through a magical land of colours and good vibes all night long. To take part in the vibes, the entrance fee is around 600THB.



1 day before and 10 days before the Full Moon Party, the jungle of Baan Tai turns into a colourful, Ibiza-like party zone with Ibiza DJs like Sean Hughes, Marco Loco, and Doorly playing techno and progressive house tunes. Be the early bird and pay a discounted fee of 700THB to have a wander in an enchanted garden of light and fire shows. Don’t forget to dress up and get your face painted.


2 nights before and 2 nights after the Full Moon party, you’ve got the Waterfall Party to warm you up before the Full Moon and possibly to help you recover from your Full Moon come down. With neon lights, suspended waterfalls, and jaw-dropping fire shows and acrobatics, this event will feel your senses with sound, colour, and excitement. Tickets are usually sold online for 600 THB.



We’re not here to “mom” you, but we can offer some great parental advice.

A good rave is more enjoyable when you do not have anything to worry about at the end of the night — or the next day.

Before heading to the party, make sure you have got your accommodation sorted in advance. As Koh Phangan parties are quite popular, book well in advance to avoid missing out on accommodation close to the party area. After all the boozing and dancing, you don’t really want to travel far to find your bed.

Leave your passport behind. Instead, use a copy as your identification. Leave your ATM cards and credit cards and take cash with you. If you do lose your wallet during the party, which happens quite a lot, then at least you know that you can still get some money for the rest of your trip. Also, bring a business card from your hotel or hostel so that you can show it to the taxi driver. Put all of these in a glittery bum bag and you are ready to join your rave crew for a big night.

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