Job Title: Assistant Hostel Manager
Reporting Line: Hostel Manager, dotted line Operations Manager
Workplace location: Onsite

Job Purpose
An assistant hostel manager is responsible for managing and leading a team that provides services to a hostel.
He/She ensures that all customers have a comfortable and safe stay in the hostel.
He/She makes sure that everything works properly, especially those that need electricity and water like the rooms, dining hall and the bathrooms.

Key Responsibilities
An assistant hostel manager develops, manages and trains his staff to be able to deliver and maintain quality service to their guests.
He/She supervises and appoints frontline staff that will train and handle the new hires. An assistant hostel manager oversees the hostel’s management and carries out regular supervision.
He/She attends to his guests’ needs, as well as their complaints. and conducts regular staff meetings in order to remind staff to ensure the guests safety and overall happiness while staying in their hostel.

Staff Training and Management

  • Train the staff and create specific task lists for each position
  • Ensure team morale and motivation
  • Request feedback and ideas from each team member
  • Conduct performance evaluations

Sales and Marketing

  • Creating and advertising promotions
  • Seeking out and contacting groups about accommodation
  • Liaising with tour operators

Human Resources

  • Maintain files on all team members
  • Facilitate conflict resolution between staff members

Reception and Customer Service

  • Conduct check-in and checkout procedures
  • Interact with guests
  • Provide local and regional information
  • Respond to emails
  • Assist with transportation requests
  • Record and respond to guest concerns
  • Maintain accurate reservation information
  • Update bed allocation for online booking sites

Public Relations and Industry Relations

  • Maintain customer contact lists
  • Regularly update social media sites
  • Organize local community outreach and volunteer activities for staff and guests


  • Ensure quality standards for cleanliness
  • Conduct spot evaluations (for each department)
  • Ensure that regulations for safety and sanitation are being met


  • Maintain the hostel facilities in proper working order
  • Respond to guest and staff feedback regarding broken or malfunctioning items
  • Arrange and implement a preventative maintenance schedule
  • Conduct routine site inspections to identify and resolve problems with the facilities

Purchasing and Inventory Control

  • Maintain a business relationship with vendors and suppliers
  • Monitor inventory levels and place orders for products and supplies
  • Research suppliers for the best prices, deals, and availability of products

Accounting and Budgeting

  • Establish and follow an operational budget
  • Maintain accurate records of expenses and revenue
  • Pay bills and collect debts in a manner that maintains a positive cash flow
  • Create monthly Profit and Loss reports

Entertainment, Atmosphere, Activities

  • Create and follow a plan to maintain the desired atmosphere in the hostel
  • Organize and execute activities and special events
  • Record duties, expenses, challenges, successes and areas for improvement for each event for replication
  • Engage guests directly

Quality Control

  • Outline standards of quality and devise a method to measure and evaluate each one
  • Conduct regular audits to ensure quality

Business Development and Strategy

  • Follow trends in the hostel industry
  • Ensure that the hostel identifies and meets the changing needs of guest

Knowledge and experiences

Required Skills

  • strong leadership skills
  • creative, outgoing, loves to be in the center of a party
  • must be courteous, a good problem solver, and must have excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skill
  • must also have up to date information of the care service framework, contractual framework, and other available services


  • possess a bachelor’s degree in business or management, hotel and hospitality management and travel, tourism or leisure studies
  • must have certification in staff and hostel supervision (desirable)


  • previous work experience in a Hostel is a plus
  • previous junior hotel experience is a plus