How to Get to Krabi from Phuket

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Krabi and Phuket are two of the most popular destinations in southern Thailand. Phuket is a wild landscape filled with adventure, parties, and exciting moments. Krabi, on the other hand, connects visitors to the real Thailand with its gorgeous beaches and relaxing atmosphere. That is why it is fun to hit both locations while in the area. Here is the breakdown of how to get to Krabi from Phuket, fastest to slowest. 



If you love skimming across the water at high speeds and you don’t mind a more expensive journey, the speedboat is the best option for you. It takes only about an hour and a half to get from Phuket to Krabi. However, the speedboat will not drop you in Krabi town, but instead at Ao Nang. So be prepared to take another little leg of transportation to finish up the trip. 


It may seem odd to take a taxi this distance, but it is the fastest option for land transportation. You get picked up from your door, complete the two-hour trip, and get dropped off exactly where you want to go without waiting for other guests. The price is equivalent to the speedboat, but if you split it between multiple passengers, then it can be quite affordable.

should you tip taxis tipping in thailand


Minibusses have the added convenience of pick up and drop off at your accommodations. While they may cost a little bit more than the bus, the difference in price makes up for the money and time lost traveling to the bus station. Once all the passengers are picked up, it is a speedy 2-hour journey to Krabi. Be prepared for a prolonged start and a Mario Kart style race along the main road to make up for the lost time.

Rental Car

If you are comfortable driving a rental car in a foreign country on the left side of the road, then you have the option to rent a car. You can pick up your vehicle in Phuket and drop it off in Krabi (make sure that your dealership allows that.) Once you have the car set up and packed, it will only take about 2 hours. You can also make the journey longer by stopping at scenic points along the way for a break!


Looking for the cheapest option? Government buses frequently run between Phuket and Krabi and take around 2.5 to 3 hours. You will be able to witness the passing scenery and have plenty of room to stretch your legs. However, the buses only go from bus terminal to bus terminal. Depending on where your accommodation is, you may need to take another form of transportation to finish the journey. 



If you would like the idea of spending the day on the water, viewing incredible sites, and traveling to Krabi all rolled into one, the ferry is perfect. This ferry takes 8.5 hours to travel from Phuket to Krabi. Why so long? Because the ferry has a 5-hour stopover on the island of Phi Phi. If you were looking to go to Phi Phi anyways, why not just do it on the way? The ferry is more expensive than the bus, but not as much as the speedboat. So, if you are not in a rush, enjoy the ride! (P.s. during peak season, some ferries go straight from Phuket to Krabi, make sure to ask your accommodation for times and dates.)

Depending on how fast you want to get there and how much you are willing to spend, it determines how to get to Krabi from Phuket for you. No matter which method you choose, you will still get to witness the beautiful landscape (land or sea) that makes up southern Thailand.

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