How To Cure A Hangover!

What To Do Before, During And After Boozing To Help With Your Hangover!

Do you know what hangovers and Justin Bieber albums have in common? We don’t really like either of those things, but we get them on a regular basis anyway. In the case of hangovers, there’s at least something we can do to avoid them. That is what this post is all about, not about the Bieber. First, we’ll provide you with something you can do (or better: eat) before you start boozing. The middle section covers two tricks you can apply while you are in the midst of making bad decisions. Finally, when all things fail and your head is pounding like a quarterback out on prom night, we show you what you can do to deal with all of the unwanted post-party symptoms in the morning. Everyone has their insight on how to cure a hangover but let’s dive into Slumber Party’s recommendations.

We also go a little in-depth into what happens to our bodies when we chug down one Sangsom bucket after the other. So, to paraphrase the famous words of Andy Weir’s protagonist from ‘The Martian’: “Let’s science the shit out of this!

Disclaimer: There is no absolute guarantee that all, some, or any of these strategies work for you, since everyone reacts differently to different things. But hey, they’ve been around a while and have helped a few people, so why not learn them?

What Can You Do Before Boozing?

We’ll take any good excuse for eating a delicious pizza or burger, and this preventive measure appears to have some merit.

When you ingest a good amount of fats before the party, you slow down the rate at which alcohol is being absorbed. This gives your body enough time to adjust to your bad decisions and decrease the severity of your potential hangover. But it obviously doesn’t have to be a pizza or a burger. Instead you can have a nice Pad Thai or other Thai dishes that are high in fat. Some people even take the easiest way and simply swallow a spoonful of olive oil.

You will still get drunk and get a hangover if you drink too much or too quickly, but at least this will give you a good (and tasty) start into the night.

What Can You Do While Partying?

You are finally ready to play drinking games, visit multiple bars, and chase the lady in the red dress or the hot Australian guy with the shredded abs. Whatever it might end up being – it’s party time! Here are two things you can do amidst the madness to ease the hangover or at least to feel like a real local.

Drink enough water

No shit, Sherlock! But there is a good reason why every article about hangovers mentions it – it’s true. Alcohol is a diuretic, which essentially means that you pee more than usual. This loss of water is one of the main reasons why you have a massive headache the next morning. To prevent this from happening, you should be consistently drinking H²O throughout the night. You may get laughed at by your fellow Pub Crawlers, but guess who has the last laugh by being smart? That’s right: Your sexy ass.

Alternatively you can switch to vodka with club soda and a lime. That way you have an alcoholic beverage, but also something to keep you hydrated. Sounds like a win-win situation to us.

An even better solution is drinking coconut water. Fortunately you can find it everywhere and at any time in Thailand. Because not only will you lose water, but also essential electrolytes like potassium and sodium. Coconuts are packed with them! Spending about 40 Baht for a delicious coconut and a better morning? Yes, please!

Eat a Pad Kee Mao (Thai Drunken Noodles)

You need a little break from all the fun and crave some food?

First off, we are slightly disappointed in your dedication to the party, but fair enough. Instead of getting a ham & cheese sandwich from the next 7-Eleven, you may want to try out a Pad Kee Mao. This is a dish that the locals in Thailand would traditionally eat while boozing, hence the name “drunken noodles” or “drunkard’s noodles”. It consists of broad noodles, meat (chicken, pork or beef), eggs, vegetables, holy basil and chilies.

There is no scientific evidence that Pad Kee Mao prevents or eases a hangover, and there’s a good chance it does nothing at all. At the very least you can say that you drank and ate like a local. A spicy Thai noodle soup is the more appropriate choice for curing a hangover, but that’s something for the morning after. We’ll get to that next.

What Can You Do The Morning After?

You wake up with a headache, achiness, fatigue, nausea and, to quote a different article, your “mouth tastes like a Russian wrestler’s jockstrap”. All the symptoms of a hangover are present. Some more severe than others. Now, let’s get rid of them, so you can soldier on to the next Pub Crawl.

Get Some Proper Rest

You can use all the remedies that are out there, but the best thing to do is to give your body time to recover. If you still feel sluggish after waking up, then consider sleeping for another hour or two. Afterwards you can move on to the next thing on this list.

Drink Enough Water (Again!) and Other Healthy Beverages

Drinking moderate amounts of water throughout the day is never a bad idea and this will help against the pressure you feel inside your head. Or coconut water will do the trick as we already mentioned in the previous chapter. If you are not currently in Thailand, then you can always buy electrolytes in a sachet and put them in your water. A sports drink can take care of your lack of potassium and sodium as well, but nothing beats Nature’s powerhouse that is the coconut.

Besides water and coconuts, we suggest a healthy fruit juice as a suitable beverage to instantly boost your blood sugar. A water melon or lemon shake will support your kidneys and livers to process the alcohol. They are also highly alkaline, which helps with the flow of your blood.

Some people might want a hot coffee, but tea is a better alternative. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants; ginseng tea reduces nausea or just a simple cup of hot water with fresh lemon juice and ginger – it’s hard to go wrong with this beverage. Unless it’s the cheap kind you find in grocery stores. You can easily buy a small root of ginseng and cut little pieces into hot water instead. Add some honey to sweeten it up a bit if you want.

Have the Right Breakfast

A lot of people swear by a hearty breakfast after a long night out. The whole nine yards with bacon, beans, sausages and hash browns. If this has helped you personally in the past, then I don’t want to convince you otherwise. Go for it. Such a breakfast indeed has a lot of carbohydrates, which is something your body desperately needs, because of your low blood sugar. But you also might remember in the first chapter that fats will slow down the process of absorbing alcohol. What you want is to speed up the process of breaking down alcohol and fatty foods don’t tend to help.

A better way to start your hungover day is by eating something that has carbs in it, but is still easy to digest. Something like toast, rice porridge, and/or cereals (oats are the best). Add a Banana for an extra load of potassium and you are on a good road to recovery.

The classic egg is a powerhouse as well. Amongst many other health benefits, it contains the amino-acid “cysteine”, which helps your livers to break down the alcohol toxins faster.

Exercise Lightly

The emphasis here really lies on the word “lightly”. We know that Monday is “International Chest Day”, but after a whole weekend of raging you may want to steer clear from a 300-pound bench press.

Instead, going out on a brisk walk can do wonders for you. The fresh oxygen you inhale increases the rate that alcohol toxins are broken down. Swimming definitely helps as well. There are even certain Yoga movements that can presumably cure your hangover. Hey, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Just keep it easy, Buster, and literally don’t sweat too much. Again, your water resources are depleted from the night before and pumping iron in the gym can make matters worse.

Eat Something Spicy

Now we are coming back to the aforementioned spicy Thai noodle soup. By slurping something delicious and healthy like an incredible Tom Yum soup, you are able to sweat out some of the toxins, while getting something solid in your stomach without upsetting it too much. It sounds like I’m slightly contradicting myself by writing this, but hold your horses. Once the day has advanced and you hopefully feel a bit better, a little something to “spice up your life” can definitely help.

A soup like Kway Tiew Nahm Sai is not even spicy to begin with. All of the Thai restaurants have dispensers with different kinds of spices, so you can add as much or as little as you like. But the combination of broth, spices, noodles, vegetables and meat can be extremely beneficial to your overall condition.

A classic Phô is also a great solution if you happen to be in Vietnam.

Hair of the Dog

Oh, wow! Do we really suggest continuing drinking after an already rough night? My friend, you are reading the blog of one of the biggest and baddest party hostels in the world. You are goddamn right we want you to be a real trooper and to sign up for the next Beer Pong Tournament! Or Pub Crawl! Or Alcoholympics!

You can start the day in an easy manner by getting a Bloody Mary. It has chili in it and the tomato juice metabolizes some of the residual alcohol. It is kind of ironic, since your body is getting “fresh” alcohol, but hey – at least it comes with some bacon! “But dear handsome blogger,” you might ask, “you said that we should preferably stay away from fats in the morning after. So should we eat bacon or not?

First off, bacon is never a bad idea. Never. Second of all, you are reading this. Which means that you are a party-goer, a rager, a Pub Crawl beast, a rebel – so why would you listen to me? We are here for a good time, not a long time. Now brush yourself off, get another bucket, make some more bad decisions and keep the ball rollin’!

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