Feelin’ Fishy: The Best Places For Seafood In Phuket

When you’re staying on the coast in Thailand it would be a crime not to dine on some of the delicious seafood fresh out of the ocean. From cheap and cheerful seafood stir-fries to sumptuous lobsters and crabs, there are plenty of dishes to get your mouth watering. While pretty much every restaurant will have some fish on the menu – with tourist restaurants displaying their catch out front – the very best places to dine are local restaurants that specialise in seafood and have their own fishermen heading out each day for the freshest fare. Read on to find out the best places for seafood in Phuket so you can plan some meals out during your stay…

Bang Mud Seafood Floating Restaurant

Phuket’s Coconut Island features a handful of floating restaurants, one of which is the famed Bang Mud Seafood Floating Restaurant. This tranquil setting on the water is the perfect place to enjoy some fresh seafood such as succulent squid with lemon, soft shell crabs and red snapper paired with fresh herbs, chilli and lime! Plus, the longtail boat to get you to/from Leam Hin Pier is free so there’s no excuse not to go!

Thanoon Seafood Restaurant

Set slightly further out of the main drift, Thanoon is a peaceful seafood restaurant that is perfect for a sunset treat. Get there early to catch a table on the beach, then sit with your toes in the sand while you dine on chilli garlic oysters, Chakachan Talay (deep fried sea cicadas) or tasty Yum Gung Siap, a fresh prawn salad. The prices here are surprisingly wallet-friendly too so you can taste a selection of great food without breaking the bank.

Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

Mor Mu Dong is a picturesque restaurant in the eastern mangroves of Phuket with loads of local charm. This restaurant is pretty hard to find but head towards the zoo and ask people en route and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Choose to dine on low tables in one of the private salas (for groups of up to 12) for a different dining experience. The stuffed fish here is local favourite as is the Pak Miang Goong Siah, greens with dried shrimps.

The Crab House

If you want to try some local mud crab there’s no better place in Phuket than The Crab House. Each crab is served with a selection of scrumptious dips and sauces and you’re given all the accoutrements to crack it open and a bib to ensure you keep yourself clean while dining. This is the place for crustaceans as you’ll be able to tell from the huge crab on the outside of the building!

Seafood at Trisara

This one is at the pricier end of the spectrum but if you want to treat yourself to some spectacular seafood, Seafood at Trisara is the place to come! The chefs here serve up lobsters, prawns and crabs galore, with your choice of herbs, spice and sauce and you can enjoy the flavours as you watch the sun go down. Not only are their fishy dishes delicious but their homemade coconut ice cream is absolutely heavenly!

Kan Eang 2

One of Chalong’s much-loved seafront restaurants, Kan Eang 2 is a spacious place in which to enjoy the catch of the day. If you love a Pad Thai, come here to try a delicious prawn version or opt for the blue crab for real fresh fare. Kan Eang 2 also offer a wonderful set menu which allows groups of friends or family to tuck in together and try a variety of the local favourites.

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