Stay at any of our Slumber Party or Bodega dream destinations with your multi-night pass and enjoy exclusive upgrades, offers and discounts on food and beverage, experiences and adventures.

Your pass is fully flexible and bed nights can be booked up front or as you go, subject to availability. It is valid for 36 months from purchase at any Slumber Party Hostel or Bodega Hostel for dorm-bed nights. Non-transferable and non-refundable.



SAVE 50%



SAVE 66%

180 Night Pass


SAVE 80%


Frequently Asked

All three types of Escape to Paradise passes will be available for purchase starting on July 1st via both of our direct websites only, Slumber Party and Bodega Hostels.

It’s simple. Just visit either of our websites and book your pass directly with a major credit card. Your secure payment will guarantee you your very own pass to paradise.

You can only purchase and use one Escape to Paradise pass for yourself. However, if you’re a really great friend and looking to purchase multiple passes for each of your mates, that is certainly possible. You’ll definitely be everyone’s favorite travel buddy.

You’ll be able to pay via either Slumber Party or Bodega’s website with a major credit card via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can select checkout as guest on the Paypal screen.

You will also be able to choose between paying in full at checkout, or paying “Some Now, Some Later” which will mean that you pay a 50% deposit (plus a nominal processing fee) at checkout and then the remainder is due prior to check-in.

Once purchased, your Escape to Paradise pass will be non-refundable. But have no fear, you have 36 months from purchase to use it. That means you have 3 whole years, so surely for what a bargain these passes are, you won’t regret buying now and figuring out your dates later.

Your pass will be valid for 36 months from purchase. That means you have 36 months total to both activate and use any and all nights available on your pass. So if you’re itching to get on the first flight once travel resumes and want to split up your nights between multiple vacays, or if you’re planning to wait and ride out some of the global kinks of post-covid travel and instead use them all for a killer holiday in 2023/24, it’s all good!!

At Slumber Party & Bodega, our focus is on YOU. That mean’s we will help you book as much or as little of your travel up front as you’d like. Once you’ve made the awesome choice to purchase your pass (well done, you) somone from our customer service team will communicate with you via email and whatsapp to help manage all of your escape needs.

All of our passes get you the number of nights included, PLUS all passes entitle you to 1 FREE pub crawl in every location applicable, exclusive paradise pass happy hours in addition to the existing happy hours in every location, and 50% off your stay at Socialtel (subject to availability). And for those of you torn between which pass to pop for, the 60 night pass gets you an awesome 10% OFF all adventures, tours, experiences, etc. And the biggest, baddest 180 night pass gets you 20% OFF (you know which one you want;)

Unfortunately, none of our hostels are open as of yet. We are monitoring local and global travel restrictions and will reopen as soon as we can guarantee the standard of service (you know how we do), and also safety along with a reasonable expectation that you’ll be able move about our hostels. Until then, our focus will be on how we can reopen bigger and better at our current properties, and with more destinations to blow you away.

Your pass nights can be redeemed at ANY Slumber of Bodega Hostels. Full Stop. No Catch. Use them all at your favorite destination or bed hop between all our awesome spots.

The price for all Escape to Paradise is listed and will be charged in USD, EUR, GBP or THB.

Don’t you worry, as soon as we reopen in any of our locations, YOU will be the first to know. Reopenings will be shouted from the rooftops on our social media and website. We’ll be so excited, we won’t be able to contain it. All pass holder will also have exclusive communication from our team in advance to know the inside scoop of where and when we’re reopening our doors.

36 months is a pretty long time so you should be ok to purchase and use your passes with time to spare, BUT don’t stress. If Covid precautions drag on beyond current expectation, we will absolutely reasses and extend the deadlines based on the evolving restriction so that all you genius folks that purchased your passes early are able to make use of them.

All passes are for standard dorm room types. After all this social distancing, you’ll get to enjoy the buzz of meeting new people in your awesome, clean dorm room.

We know sometimes we all change our minds, so we’re offering one time conversions from one pass type to another. That means if you’ve bought a 60 night pass and after a few nights you’ve realized, (who are you kidding), you want the 180 ngiths pass, we’ve got you covered. All you’ll have to do is chat to one of our team members and they will charge you the prorated difference of the nights at lower percentage discount. So in this case, you’ll get the remaining nights added for the discounted price of 66% rather than 80%. Make sense, if not feel free to chat to one of our team and we’ll break it done for you. The point is, we aim to please.

Treat yoself!!! Your pass will allow you to upgrade to a private room for 50% of the rate difference. This can only be done onsite, day of, upon your arrival and is subject to availability.

Of course not silly. Your pass gaurantees you that you wont have to pay for any of your bed nights as long as you have nights left to use on your pass. You will still have to reserve your beds in advance to gaurantee a booking or take your chances upon arrival.

We will be taking safety and hygiene precautions very seriously for the well-being of all of our guests and staff. Guidance and compliance will be in accordance with the current local law and advice in each destination. For more information, please see our COVID section on the landing page.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is not a use it or lose it pass. We know as travelers, despite being diehard Slumber and Bodega fans, you like to mix it up sometimes and sleep around. We’ve specifically designed these passes so that you can use them when you stay at any of our Slumber or Bodega Hostels, go try out a new spot or recharge somewhere super fancy, and then have your bednights waiting for you to use when you come back to us. No wasting, no missing out.

Unfortunately not. Your pass is for you and you only.

Definitely. These passes are specifically designed for you to make use of our Friends with Benefits destinations and stay between both Slumber Party and Bodega. If you’d rather use all your nights at only one of the two, thats totally cool too! It’s all about YOUR ideal escape route.

Socialtel is our new and amazing hybrid hotel located on gorgeous Koh Samui, geared towards those of you that enjoy the finer comforts while you travel, but also love the social nature that is synonomous with hostel life. Plush with a rooftop bar, pool and co-working space; a beach club bar with pool to host awesome day parties; a speakeasy bar for some after hours fun ; a lobby bar for the best check in experience you could imagine, and an IV Station to help ease those hangovers. It’s a must visit on your next escape to paradise.

Your Escape to Paradise pass entitles you to an exclusive 50% discount on ANY room type (that means dorms or privates) subject to availability. There’s no limit to usage so splurge a little! We dare you!

Sorry friends. Pass nights can only be redeemed by direct reservation, so make sure to purchase your pass through either of our websites and then reserve your bednights through our team. (And don’t forget, even when you’re not using your Escape to Paradise pass, BOOKING DIRECT is always the way to go. You’ll get discounts and offers and all your moolah goes directly to us rather than the booking agent, allowing us to pour it into more fun for YOU upon arrival).

Our Destinations

COVID Safety Protocals

We know that despite being SOOOO ready to let loose and get back to travel as soon as circumstances allow, it all comes down to the old SAFETY FIRST! Adequate COVID precautions will be of the utmost importance to us at Slumber Party and Bodega Hostels upon reopening to ensure the safety and well-being of both our staff, and YOU, our valued guests. Afterall, in order for you to feel free to let your guard down and really enjoy yourself, WE have to do everything within our power to create a safe and hygienic space for you to make your own. 

Here are the precautions we will be taking: 

All frequently exposed areas and surfaces will be cleaned regularly with hospital grade cleaning agents

All ventilation systems will be of superior quality and maintained regularly. Air conditioners will be adjusted for ideal safety placement and air purification systems will be used where possible.

All restrooms, sinks and toilets will be cleaned regularly and always stocked with soap.

Hand Sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol will be readily available in all common areas, entrances, exits, and elevators.

All employees will be temperature checked and recorded for any travel. Any staff member that is feeling unwell will be required to stay home to preserve the safety of the premises as a whole.

Proper communication materials will be readily available throughout the hostel and common areas regarding proper practices so that guidance is clear to all onsite.

Social distancing measures and mask guidance will be adhered to per local guidance at all destinations.

All guests’ health symptoms will be closely observed. If any abnormal symptoms are found, management will be notified and adequate measures will be imposed.

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About Escape to Paradise



180 Night Pass

Escape to Paradise Passes Are On Sale Now
View Terms & Conditions Here

Escape to Paradise Terms & Conditions:

These Escape to Paradise Terms & Conditions shall be applicable to all pass holders, from the date of your receipt of these terms and conditions until such time as you would receive a revised edition is made available at Slumber Party’s Hostel or Bodega’s Hostel website or you received notice of revocation of the same.

All passes entitle each holder to the stipulated number of nights at any Slumber Party Hostel or Bodega Hostel that is open during the time of intended use, in a dorm bed type only. This room type will enjoy all COVID-19 precautions and may be filled with other fellow travelers; 

All pass holders are entitled to 50% off an upgrade to a private room, subject to availability. This upgrade must be done onsite at the time of check-in;

  • The pass is not valid for bed night usage at Socialtel, Path, or any properties/brands outside of the Collective Group; 
  • Destinations are subject to change based on circumstance. All additional Southeast Asia Slumber and Bodega destinations will be included for usage on all passes; 
  • Bed nights must be booked directly through either the Slumber or Bodega websites or customer service teams. NO bookings via any OTA (Hostelworld,, etc.) will be refunded and converted into a pass booking. Pass nights can be used on top of any cancelled booking, subject to availability; 
  • This pass is valid only for the name in which it was purchased. It is not able to be shared, assigned  or transferred. Nights need not be consecutive and there is no limit to the number of nights used in any one destination; 
  • All nights are valid for 36 months from purchase date. Any unused nights are considered expired after that date;
  • All passes are subject to blackout dates. These include the period of Full Moon for all Koh Phangan properties (this is check-in 4 nights prior to and on Full Moon), New Year’s Eve at all properties, and Christmas Eve and Christmas at all properties.
    If check-in is requested upon arrival with no advance booking, the decision is subject to availability and onsite management’s discretion. All pass holder’s are entitled to a 20% discount on normal room reservations for these periods. These discounts will be applied retroactively upon check-in with presentation of passes and verification by reception; 
  • All pass holders shall comply with our Company Policies and must be 18-35 years of age. Slumber Party and Bodega Hostels reserves the right to cancel any pass should the holder violate or fail to comply with the aforementioned; 
  • Bookings within our system should be limited to the maximum number of nights for your pass entitlement. If excess nights are booked, Slumber Party and Bodega Hostels reserve the right to charge the standard dorm bed price for that booking; 
  • Each pass entitles the holder to 1 FREE Pub Crawl in all applicable destinations. This can be used only by the pass holder and can not be transferred. This is limited to 1 in each destination. Customers are welcome to purchase additional pub crawls at full price for the duration of their stay;
  • Each pass entitles the holder to enjoy an Exclusive Paradise Pass Happy Hour in each destination. This will be in addition to any and all existing happy hours. Pass holders will be limited to 1 drink (or 2 total if promo is 241) at a time during Pass Happy Hour. Also, each promo will be unique to the destination’s and can not be substituted or amended;  
  • All Pass holders are entitled to 50% off their stay at Socialtel. This discount applies to all room types subject to dynamic pricing and availability. There is no limit to the number of nights to which the discount can be applied. For dorm bookings, it will only apply directly to Pass holder’s beds, not accompanying travelers who do not hold a pass. The pass does not extend any discount to ancillary goods at Socialtel (food and beverage and adventures/experiences);
  • Each 60 night pass entitles the holder to 10% off all SPH and/or BH operated adventures and experiences. This discount extends to unlimited embarkations, and is limited to apply to only the pass holder. Group bookings will not have such a discount applied; 
  • Each 180 night pass entitles the holder to 10% off all SPH and/or BH operated adventures and experiences. This discount extends to unlimited embarkations, and is limited to apply to only the pass holder. Group bookings will not have such a discount applied. 
  • Pass holders will not be entitled to multiple promotion applications for a booking/purchase, i.e. they will not be able to use both the pass discount and a package discount on tours. Holders can make use of the discount of their choosing only if multiple apply. 
Competition Additions

All entrants agree to follow the Company Policies which are signed on arrival at the hostel. These include (but are not limited to, as per the details below) – 

  • No eating, smoking, drinking or having sex in the dorms;
  • No outside guests in the hostel;
  • No drugs inside the hostel;
  • No vandalism or damage to the hostel or inside the hostel;
  • No abuse – both physical and verbal – towards staff or other guests will be tolerated;
  • We are an 18-35 years old hostel chain, guests over the age of 35 or younger than 18 will not be accepted.

In line with our Company Policies, entrants must be 18-35 years of age, Slumber Party and Bodega Hostels reserves the right to cancel any passes if any members do not fall within the age bracket.

In accordance with our Company Policies, Slumber Party and Bodega Hostels reserve the rights to cancel any or all days of a pass should any guest or guests within the winning party break any of the Company Policies.

Sad Grad winners must have graduated from College/University in the years 2020 or 2021. Bodega Hostels will request proof of graduation, and reserves the right to cancel any winners who fail to prove this on request.