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The idea of eco-travel is becoming a significant aspect of the tourism industry today. More and more people are realizing that while the world is our oyster, we must also protect it from the extreme amounts of waste that society produces. One location that is focusing on zero waste is in Canggu, Indonesia. Indonesia is second only to China in plastic waste that ends up in the ocean, but they are trying hard to change that! Here are 5 ways to help reduce your travel footprint in Canggu. 


Just because you are being eco-friendly does not mean that you must give up the joy of eating out. One restaurant is pursuing an eco-friendly business strategy. Warung Gouthe, a local eatery run by a French-Indonesian couple, features a meal of the day that is based on what is fresh as well as other Indonesian dishes, paninis, and French desserts. Their goal is to reduce food waste! 

Motion Café is another location where being eco-friendly is a top priority. They have an extensive menu with vegan-friendly options that will delight any visitor. One of their top features is their “to go” products; for instance, they put their “to go” juice in a glass bottle with a label that says “ReUse or bring me back, please.” Little actions like these help reduce waste! 

Motion Cafe

If you are willing to travel a bit further, you can visit Indonesia’s first zero-waste eatery, Ijen. They have replaced plastic with banana leaves, sourced produce only from local farmers, use recycled materials as their décor, and create delicious meals with only sustainable meat and fish. This restaurant strives every day to create zero waste while still supplying a delightful service to their customers.  

Bulk Stores

Switching to buying bulk food helps reduce plastic waste. Instead of buying that easy, plastic-packaged snack from the convenience store, take the time to buy food at the bulk store. One location in Canggu is Alive. This bulk store has vegan-friendly bulk food for every occasion from pasta to dried fruit to spirulina. You will be astounded by the 400 different products that the store has in stock! 

When you purchase products, it is not in plastic bags! Instead, they offer bottles, jars, net bags, and beeswax wraps for you to take your goodies home in!  

ECO TRAVEL: ZERO WASTE IN CANGGU, BALI : Bulk Spice Section at Alive


Traveling does not have to be wasteful because many hotels are now featuring environmental-friendly features to help reduce your waste. This may include reusing towels, recycling water, compostable products, and more.

One such hotel in Canggu is Bloomfield Umalas, a resort that prides itself on an eco-friendly lifestyle while promoting well-being and relaxation. There are many other hotels like this one in and around Canggu. If you are willing to spend a little bit more than you would be part of the solution to reducing waste in the world.


We all know that there are plenty of eco-friendly products out there that we can use instead of once-use plastic, but you may not how many there really are. It is more than just reusable water bottles or grocery bags; there is a whole world of products out there to help save Mother Earth. Here are some things that you can use while traveling and at home:

  • Reusable straws instead of plastic straws
  • Bamboo cutlery instead of plastic utensils
  • Beeswax wrap instead of plastic wrap
  • Snack containers instead of baggies
  • Tea strainers instead of tea bags
  • Shampoo bars instead of bottled shampoo 
  • Toothpaste tablets instead of bottled toothpaste
  • Bamboo toothbrush instead of plastic toothbrushes
  • Compostable floss instead of plastic floss

Indonesia has started to produce these kinds of products in stores and online. In the Eco Bali online store, you can find items for traveling, such as net bags for grocery shopping. They are also producing products for those who stay long-term with recycled roofs, upcycled drinking glasses, and composting bins. 

Eco Bali
Eco Bali

Shop Local

One of the most significant contributing factors you can take part in is buying from local eco-friendly stores. Purchase produce at farmer’s markets, buy souvenirs that are not wrapped in plastic, and spend more time enjoying life’s simple pleasures. 

Just because you are traveling does not mean that you must be wasteful. When you visit Canggu, see if you can achieve a zero-waste or minimal waste footprint. Not only will you feel successful in helping the planet, but you will also be promoting positive change in local communities and around the world.

Now that you have done your part is keeping our oceans clean go out and enjoy the beach! Check out the Top 5 Beaches in Canggu, Bali

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