Dorm Etiquette: How To Be The Least Annoying Person In The Dorm

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Staying in a dorm with other like-minded travellers can be a fun and life changing experience, if done properly. Since you’re sharing a space with other people with different personalities and attitudes, a fun experience can turn sour if you start to annoy others around you. You can quickly become a social pariah and will have a difficult time making friends. We want you to have the best experience possible, so here are a few tips on dorm etiquette: how to be the least annoying person in the dorm.

Dorm Etiquette: How to be the Least Annoying Person in the Dorm
Dorm Etiquette: How to be the Least Annoying Person in the Dorm


Living in a dorm with dozens of people, your cleanliness should be a top priority. Being clean is valued among most cultures, so this is a great place to start if you don’t want to annoy people around you. So take showers, brush your teeth, and clip those toenails!

Along with personal hygiene, you should be aware of how tidy your personal space is. A great rule of thumb is to pack light. The less you pack the less of a mess you will make. For more information on how to pack light, check out this article. Keep your stuff organized in and out of your luggage, and make sure your stuff isn’t impeding on anyone else’s space. Make sure you pick up after yourself. There is nothing more annoying than seeing someone carelessly leave their things around. That being said, this applies to using a shared bathroom as well. A great way to be the least annoying person in the bathroom is to not leave your stuff laying around the bathroom. This caddy easily folds up to take up less room in your luggage and can be used to transport your things in and out of the bathroom.

Personal Space

Dorm Etiquette: How to be the Least Annoying Person in the Dorm 
Personal Space
Dorm Etiquette: How to be the Least Annoying Person in the Dorm
Personal Space

Being respectful of others personal space is the best way to be the least annoying person in the dorm. It’s the easiest to do since all it requires is your awareness and common sense. Like, sitting on someone else’s bed is a big no no. Unless you are invited to sit on someone else’s bed, don’t do it.

This should be a given, but it’s worth mentioning, don’t go through someone else’s stuff and don’t use their things if you weren’t explicitly offered to. It’s annoying and extremely rude in any scenario.

Don’t Turn on the lights

If you truly do not want to be the most annoying person in the dorm, then do not turn on the lights once they have been switched off. If you do end up having to enter the dorm after lights out, have a plan on how to get to your bed safely in the dark, such as using your phone light to light up the area needed to see in front of you instead of lighting up the entire dorm and disturbing everyone’s sleep.

Cut down the noise

Turning on the lights can be very annoying, however being noisy when everyone is trying to sleep can be even more annoying! Especially if there is a snorer in the dorm. Everyone understands you are not intentionally trying to make noise, however to be the least annoying snorer you can take a few precautions.

If you are able to opt for a single occupancy room, do it! This isn’t only beneficial for the other guests, but for you too. This way you won’t become a social pariah and can sleep soundly knowing you aren’t annoying anyone. If you do not have that option, here are some tips on how to remedy your snoring. Even if these tips don’t work, your roommates will be happy that you at least tried. If all else fails, a nice gesture would be to distribute these very inexpensive earplugs. Your roommates will love the thoughtfulness, and might find it endearing. A simple gesture can go a long way!

Another way to cut down on your noise is to avoid using plastic bags. They’re noisy, flimsy, and bad for the environment. Also, if you have an early flight or train to catch in the morning, you can make the least amount of noise by packing the night before and leaving out only what you need so you can exit the dorm as quickly and quietly as possible. As well as, only setting an alarm for the time you actually need to wake up. Don’t set fifteen different alarms and wake up the entire dorm room in the process. If you are able to, make it a vibrating alarm rather than a ringtone.

Know Your limit

Dorm Etiquette: How to be the Least Annoying Person in the Dorm
Know Your Limit
Dorm Etiquette: How to be the Least Annoying Person in the Dorm
Know Your Limit

Listen, we all like to party and have a good time! But, it can be extremely annoying when there is a drunk belligerent person in the dorm, so know your limits and be mindful of how much you’re consuming. No now wants to be the annoying drunk roommate ruining everyone else’s time.

As mentioned before, a small gesture can go a long way. Holding the door open for others, or helping someone with their luggage is a great way to make friends. While contributing to the communal feel of staying at a hostel. Also, making newcomers feel welcome when they arrive and helping them navigate the city or town you’re staying in will definitely put you in the good books with anyone. Leaving you with dorm etiquette and being the least annoying person in the dorm! 

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